Need Something Sweet? Check Out These Dessert Bowls From Nine Fresh

Craving for desserts? Well, here’s nice recommendation for you. Introducing, Nine Fresh — a popular Singapore dessert chain that offers Jiufen-inspired dessert bowls that will not only satisfy your sweet tooth but will also leave you fresh and full! Nine Fresh came to the Philippines February of last year (2020) and is currently operating in 5 locations (SM Manila, SM Fairview, SM Southmall, SM San Lazaro and SM North).

Nine Fresh is famous for its signature bases — bean curd made from freshly-grounded soya bean almost similar to our version of taho, grass jelly, a different rendition to the familiar local gulaman, and refreshing ai-yu jelly made from the seeds of fig fruits that is lightly sweetened with black sugar–laden. Aside from that, Nine Fresh is also known for its colorful and tasty taro balls that come in four flavors — sweet potato, purple yam, matcha and ube. These taro balls are produced daily to make sure that they’re always fresh and savory.

Aside from the product heroes, Nine Fresh also offers a myriad of toppings that can add taste and color to any of your dessert bowls. Choices include black pearls, soft or roasted peanuts, lotus nuts, barley, red beans, green beans, pinto beans, eight treasure beans, sweet potatoes, yams, konjac jellies, black sugar jellies, aloe very pearl jellies, mango pearl jellies, lychee pearl jellies, passionfruit pearly jellies, grape pearly jellies and many more. All these create mouthwatering and definitely instagrammable bowls!

Nine Fresh also has something for the adventurous dessert lovers! If you want to create your own unique combination of flavors and textures, then the Create-Your-Own option is best for you! Just choose a dessert base then top it off with your choice of toppings. On top of all the dessert options, Nine Fresh also has fruit teas and milk teas on their menu and everything is pretty much less than a hundred!

Not sure what to try first? Their bestseller is the Nine Fresh Signature and the Fruity AiYu Jelly is also a sure win! Check out their website and follow them on Instagram and Facebook for news and ongoing promos.