#SupportLocal: Bryx Oven

Bryx Oven is owned by an HR personnel who enjoys baking on her free time and eventually decided to start selling her Classic Egg Tarts, Macapuno and Ube Tarts back in 2015, added fudgy brownies on their menu in 2019 and come 2020 she decided to launch wheat breads which are much affordable than the ones.

I'm a big fan of sweets and bread! So I got very excited for this collaboration - especially that they have egg tarts! Which I really love. :P 

Classic/Ube/Macapuno Tarts - (Php120/box of 6) - It was actually my first time trying Ube Tarts, it was topped with their homemade purple yam filling, I'm pretty sure that it would be enjoyed by someone who loves ube. The Macapuno Tarts was something new for me it was good too BUT nothing beats the Classic Egg Tarts! I can really finish a box or 2 in one sitting. 

 Brownies - (Php 80/box of 4) - Their Fudgy Brownies! It was soooooo good! The "medyo-sunog" brownies which made it a little bitter in taste is what makes it perfect! 🤤 My mom and sisters loved it too!

Wheat Bread - (Php35/plain | Php45/pesto with cheese) - I think you'll all be pleased with their wheat bread - lambot until the next day e! 🤤 I actually did that on purpose to check if its still going to be as soft as it was when it was delivered and yes it is, no heating needed the next day 😜 I prefer the pesto with cheese over the plain one tho.

Affordable yet quality products are what Bryx Oven offers. Make sure to check them out and continue to #SupportLocalPH and #SupportSmallBusinesses 😀