B Coffee Co - The Answer to our Barista Dream!

Coffee First -- Always the first thought I have in mind when I wake up before I can really function. I'm not picky when it comes to coffee and if I prefer cold over hot.

I remember this one time a friend asked me "how do I like my coffee?" - I answered, "Nothing specific as long as its cold. Lol", she suggested that I try and brew my own coffee as its fun and I get to experiment. My question was.. "So where should I start? Should I get my own machine? Where can I buy one? Isn't it too expensive?" -- That was last year when we had this conversation, fast forward to present here I am getting introduced to this B Coffee Co machine that would be the answer to her "try mo mag-brew ng own coffee mo as its fun" and my friend was right. 

B Coffee Co was a brand created with the intention of providing people with a convenient and inspiring coffee shop experience at home -- which is very timely as most of us are still stuck and working from home, probably missing our favorite coffee from our favorite coffee shops. B Coffee Co also aims to give us the liberty to conceive our own coffee shop creations in the comfort our or home. They're making sure that they're able to deliver accessible quality coffee through the capsules used for the machines in order to inspire a more more personalized approach to our everyday coffee. 

B Coffee Co was founded by almost 100 cumulative years of coffee expertise of its 5 founders who takes pride in curating 100% roast and ground coffee beans to make the ideal cup and help unleash our coffee creativity or to simply enjoy our go to coffee just the way we want it.

Its easy to use and has an affordable coffee capsule system which are all 100% Arabica coffee. The Coffee machine comes in 4 colors: Black, White, Red and Orange - I got the black one! :) 

This coffee machine is just perfect for starters like me. So what are you waiting for? #BeYourOwnBarista now and begin your Coffee Story with B Coffee Co! 

Learn more about B Coffee Co here and order your machine at the Brand Official Store on Shopee.  


  1. Wow saya naman nito anytime may quality coffee ka

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