#SupportLocalPH: Friday's Kitchen

I grew up getting used to eating "lutong bahay" as they call it. No matter how many different cuisines I've tried, I'd always end up missing Filipino food. With that said, I discovered an SME serving authentic Filipino dishes cooked by people who spent years perfecting each dish.

Mildred's Dinakdakan (Php200 for 250g) - Friday's Kitchen best seller and the 1st dish on their menu. It is an Ilocano delicacy consists of pigs brain, spices, onions, pepper and "maskara", they said that the liver is optional as not everyone likes liver. Ingredients are chopped into small pieces. Not sure which one I like more, sisig or dinakdakan but nah, both are good. :)  

Mama's Bicol Express (Php280 for 400g) - Recipe from the owner's grandmother. It is only cooked on the day that it'll be ordered making it fresh as they only use fresh coconut milk. I love how creamy and spicy it is. 

Ilocos Igado (Php280 for 400g) - A Filipino spiced pork liver dish originating from the Ilocos. It reminds me of my favorite Menudo and as for someone who loves tomato-based food, this is definitely a 10 for me.

Demet's Egg Pie Minis (Php140/6pcs | Php250/12pcs) - A sweet Filipino dessert that resembles an egg custard. They decided to make it smaller so it would be something different and more affordable. This one's really good that 1 dozen isn't enough as you can finish it all in one sitting.

We can never go wrong with Filipino food, right? Do check out Friday's Kitchen. Message them on Facebook, Instagram or via SMS at 09162731474.