Pizza and Pasta Combo at Tomas Bistro, SM Megamall

When you hear about "Bermuda" what comes into your mind? Probably "Bermuda Triangle" or the stories about missing ships and planes.. Right? But what is it about Bermuda that not everyone know is that this Atlantic Island has a rich culinary home to multiple cultures and has thousands of expat workers and tourists from Britain, Canada, the US, Europe and various parts of Asia - with chefs all over the world that brought fusion of international cuisines.

Tomas Bistro was founded by a young professional chef who was exposed to "Bermuda" for his training that focused primarily on gourmet cuisines and fine dining restaurants. When he relocated back to the Philippines, he wanted to share the culinary knowledge and experience he had in Bermuda - he wanted to bring quality and comfort food to all Filipinos with a mixture of Western roots. 

He first opened Tomas Bistro in San Pedro, Laguna (Alfamart, Pacita Main Road, Augusto Commercial Bld. 71-80) in early 2018 and were given good reviews since then - especially for their chicken wings. He then decided to add more on their menu such s his specialty unique pastas and flatbread pizza, which I can attest that are mouth-watering! 

If you are looking to "satisfy your cravings" - Tomas Bistro is the right place for you! As their mission is to serve delicious, quality food that everyone truly deserves and it's something that they're living into up to present. Recently they opened a new branch at SM Megmall, Eatogether Food Hall. 

Harry's Special Pasta - Linguini Pasta tossed in creamy jalapeno sauce, chicken bits and mushrooms, topped with spring onions, toasted garlic and parmesan cheese. 

Tomas Supreme Pizza - Marinara sauce, bacon, sausage, pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, peppers, olive mozarella topped with chunky salsa. 

Who wouldn't love this pizza and pasta pairing? Would definitely go back to try their chicken wings as it was said to be one of their best sellers. 

They also have Grupo Deal Offers for the family or barkada! Save as much as 10% and get a free 1.5 lifer of Coke when you get combos of pizza, pasta and wings: 

  • Grupo Deal 1 (Php995 | good for 3-4 people) – 8 pcs wings + 1 choice of regular grupo pasta + 1 choice any flatbread pizza
  • Grupo Deal 2 (Php1,225 | good for 4-5 people) – 12 pcs wings + 1 choice of regular grupo pasta + 1 choice any flatbread pizza
  • Grupo Deal 3 (Php1,850 | good for 5-6 people) – 18 pcs wings + 2 choices of regular grupo pasta + 1 choice any flatbread pizza

Address: Eatogether Food Hall, Second Floor, SM Megamall Building A, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City
Instagram: @tomasbistro

Disclaimer: This was an invite by Tomas Bistro but all opinions stated in this blog posts are mine.