Uniquely Flavored Breads by Tita She's Bakery

Tita She's Bakery is owned by a social media content manager and event photographer - Kim Nuñez from Antipolo City. She had been selling online ever since her college days make extra income and had to stop when she started working full time. Due to the pandemic, her job as an event photographer came into a halt, so she started thinking of a new "raket" to continuously earn money. 

Just last April, while scrolling on Facebook, she saw an article that says, "She's earning 7000/day for selling ube cheese pandesal", then she thought why not start selling as well with the help of her mom who loves to bake. She then started buying the ingredients and started selling after 2 days. 

They started baking pandesal and Spanish bread - but thought about giving something new to the Filipino's tastebuds by incorporating carrot cakes and banana bread as a pandesal flavor, as it'll be cheaper.

They offer their Spanish Bread in Classic, Ube, Cheese, Ube Cheese, Choco and Choco Hazelnut for Regular and Overload (2x more filling).

Ube Cheese Pandesal

Banana Hazelnut Pandesal

Choco Cheese Pandesal

Choco Hazelnut Pandesal

Carrot Pandesal

While their Pandesal comes in 10 flavors - Ube, Cheese, Ube Cheese, Ube Choco, Choco Cheese, Choco Hazelnut, Banana Cake Pandesal, Banana Hazelnut, Carrot Cake Pandesal and Milky Cheese Pandesal - again available in both Regular and Overload sizes. :)

Tita She's Bakery also offers "Premium Pandesal": White Chocolate Strawberry Pandesal and Yema Pandesal for only PHP100 for a pack of 6.  They do bake every day, but only allowing 5 pieces per flavor as the minimum order on weekdays and no minimum orders for weekends. 

Leftovers can still be eaten the next day without worrying that it won't be as soft and delicious the day it was delivered - they suggest to put it in the refrigerator and have it microwaved for less than 1 minute or in the oven/oven toaster at 150 Celsius for 2 minutes so it won't get too crispy - unless you'd want it that way. :) Honestly, what I did was I just put it in a sealed container, didn't put it in the refrigerator and did not use the microwave or oven the next day and it's still as is - soft and flavorful. :) Never thought that bread can make me happy, as much as rice can :P

Price starts from PHP5 to PHP14 pesos. You can message them on Facebook or Instagram to order. 

Address: Lores, Antipolo City - Pin: Tita She's Bakery
Instagram: @titashesbakery

Disclaimer: Products were sent by Tita She's Bakery but all opinions stated in this blog posts are mine.