Baked Goodies By Not Your Ordinary Kusinera - TIUsinera!

We, humans like sweet stuff, and the word "sweet" itself is a metaphor for good things in life - I, myself, am a sweet tooth and I can never say no to sweets and my day wouldn't be complete when I haven't eaten anything sweet. Just recently, I was able to indulge on some of my good friends' baked goodies and I swear to god - her cookies left an impact to me, my sisters and my mom. It was that good! 🀀 

"TIUsinera"; owned by Franchesca G. Tiu, an online seller of home baked goodies and (soon) cooked meals. She launched her own marketplace wherein she sells recommended specialty grocery items to satisfy her customer's cravings. 

TIUsinera started during the lock down, wherein she decided to start baking again to help herself get distracted from the anxiety caused by the pandemic, she shared her baked goodies to family, friends and neighbors and got positive feedback.

After the ECQ got lifted, she was forced to permanently close her franchised store near UST to cut losses since the Taal Volcano Eruption. She then realized that she still had a lot of stocks and packaging left and so she decided to start selling thru various online mediums until she ran out of stocks to sell. Due to the continuous demands she received, she started looking for suppliers operating during that time and luckily was able to meet a new supplier and was able to add more products to her growing list of requests. Another problem arise due to her packaging, she won't be able to sell them as a lot of restaurants were non-operational and some are like her, had already filed for business retirement. To dispose them and to help generate more income, she decided to bake pastries and sell them online. 

Roasted Walnut Banana Oatmeal
ChocNut Banana Oatmeal

Classic Banana Oatmeal

Her cookies are all chewy! It was crispy on the outside and so flavorful, it was not too sweet which I guess the reason why my sister Angel who doesn't like sweets liked it. My top favorite would definitely be her Roasted Walnut Banana Oatmeal! Basta I swear, ang sarap talaga, e! 

Classic and Nutty Chocolate Crinkles

Ube Crinkles with Cream Cheese

I've always been a fan of cream cheese and ube, so I may be a bit bias on this one.. But honestly, this was my first time to try Ube Crinkles as it is something not common unlike of course, Chocolate Crinkles and my other love - Red Velvet Crinkles πŸ˜‹ I was expecting the usual "Crinkles with Cream Cheese Filling", but it was really different. Both crinkles were soft to the point that it melts in my mouth. It was addictive that I can finish it all in one sitting, but too bad I had to share, e πŸ™ƒ

Indeed, she is not your ordinary kusinera as she is a natural born entrepreneur and she just recently completed her professional culinary art course at Global Academy Batch 65.

Aside from the imported good from Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Asian Countries, Cookies and Crinkles - she's also selling Cinnamon Rolls, Brownies and Cakes. TIUsinera pastries are all quality baked goodies that would definitely satisfy one's cravings. 

They are open for re-sellers and store consignment for bulk orders. They also accept same-day order and delivery, depends on the availability. Allot at least 3 hours prior to pick-up or delivery time.

For pre-orders and inquiries, send a private message thru SMS or VIBER at 0917-8036555.
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  4. Cookies is one of my fave comfort food.😍 sana may magawa po kayong easy peasy lactation cookies for breastfeeding momma like me. Godbless and staysafe po!πŸ’“πŸ’“

    1. Ay good idea yan para sa mga breastfeeding mommies :)

  5. Wahhhh I want to try this so much po. I love sweets
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