On-the-go coffee and sangria because Y NOT?

Daily Coffee and Tea is owned by a Laguna based Architecture graduate that had always been fond of brewing his own coffee, as most of us - coffee is always the answer to everything? Don't you all agree? :p Ever since he already owned an espresso machine and had always tried various brewing styles and coffee beans. The pandemic made him unproductive, which led him to venture out with opening up a coffee and tea business. 

Coffee is just the start as they'll definitely be launching their tea line that would really go well with their most, chunky and chocolatey cookies. He had been hands-on since the planning stage and made sure that the brand's logo and packaging is something that can easily catch one's attention. Which I think was effective as their packaging really caught my attention. :) 

DailyCT would like to offer quality, affordable and on-the-go coffee, tea, cookies and wine to students, office workers and actually to everyone - they would like their product to be our daily companion, daily survival drink, daily booster and daily habit.

Previously they only offer 250ml per bottle, but now they have 1L bottles for our coffee and sangria fix because 250ml would never be enough, right? One more thing they may be based in Laguna, but they visit Manila, (Taguig to be specific) weekly or better yet, check their Instagram and Facebook page to be sure as they post updates regularly. 

Aside from being handy, they're also affordable. Check them out! Let's start #supportingsmallbusinesses :) 

Address: Laguna / Manila
Instagram: @dailyct