Not your usual sushi flavors in a box!

Sushi lovers rejoice as with Mumei Sushi you can satisfy those sushi cravings with their sushi boxes delivered to your doorstep! 

Mumei Sushi began operation in 2018 and the Quezon City-based company had to adjust with the "new normal" and so they decided to venture out into online selling. The owner hated to be routinary and stagnant and he believes that people are always curious and that's what led Mumei Sushi to create something that people already like but will have in a different experience.

A few weeks ago, I got lucky to receive a box of assorted sushi flavor and indeed its not just your usual sushi flavors..

They made their sushi flavors out of the ordinary which made me say "wow" when I opened the box. Aside from the usual kani, tuna and salmon sushi they leveled up their flavors to Bonito Flakes, Shredded Nori, Seven Spices, Kiwi, Avocado and Strawberry. I was also able to try their Spam Musubi - a snack made with a slice of grilled spam placed on top of a block of sushi rice wrapped together with nori and Onigiri - Triangular blocks of sushi rice wrapped in nori filled cooked meat dishes such as spicy beef and Pinoy sisig.

Aside from the unique sushi flavors they have teamed up with The Good Yakuza to satisfy all our Japanese cravings. They also offer the usual Japanese Rice Bowls such as - Gyudon, Katsudon and Katsu Curry to name a few.  

These sushi rolls are priced ranging from Php25 to Php45 per piece and assorted pieces comes in a Holiday Box - 50 pieces/Php1299, Birthday Box - 100 pieces/Php2499 and for a Grand Sushi Feast - 200 pieces/Php4799. Now, we can enjoy all our sushi cravings without taking the risk of going out as we can just order from Mumei Sushi. How easy can that be?

Mumei Sushi
Address: Quezon City
Contact Number: 
- Call: +63 2 33528462
- Text: +63 999 4025936, +63 977 4721528 or +63 923 5177609
Instagram: @mumeisushionline

Disclaimer: Big thanks to @beingjellybeans for sharing a Holiday Box and for the photos (without the watermark) as my sushi box wasn't "handled with care" during the delivery :( 


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