Jack's Fresh Lemonade - It's LEMONICIOUS!

Lemonade had always been my go-to remedy whenever I'm feeling under the weather and just recently my mom started this "lemon water + Chia seeds" thingy wherein she kept on telling me that it'll help you lose weight (uh, why are you not even losing weight then, mom? :P)

I'm only familiar with the usual Lemon-Yakult and Fresh Lemonade other Lemonade stalls sell, but who would've thought that Lemonade goes well with almost anything? I always saw my fellow blogger friends post about Jack's Lemonade, and I was like "Really? There's a lot of flavors they offer with just a lemonade?"

Jack's Fresh Lemonade not only offers 1 or 2 flavors, but 30! Yup, T-H-I-R-T-Y. 30 lemonade variants perfect for the entire family - Mom, Dad, Ate, Kuya and even Bunso! They're definitely more than just the basic "squeeze-pinch-put the used lemonade on the water". The menu can be a little overwhelming, but the owners have no plans of reducing or changing it as they want people to know that Lemonade is good with anything. 

Another good thing about Jack's Fresh Lemonade is that the syrup that they use is home-cooked. The don't use fructose, which makes it healthier. You also have the option to adjust the sweetness level from 50% to 100% and put honey as an add-on. They also use 1 whole lemon for each drink, guaranteed "hindi tinitipid" ang customers. 1 unique component of Jack's is that they use PLUM SALT as it makes the lemonade tastier.

Let me share some of their drinks that I was able to try during our visit:

Basil Rich Tamarind
Lemon, Syrup and Tamarind. This drink feels very refreshing and healthy because of the fresh basil leaves and basil seeds.

Strawberry Mint With Poppers

Pureed strawberry with fresh mint leaves and strawberry poppers. They call this one Sip and Pop! 

Lemon Cheesecake
Lemonade with a twist! They used sweet milk and cheddar cheese. As I love cheesecake, this was really good.  

Strawberry Cheesecake
A little the same with the lemonade cheesecake, but this one it has pureed strawberry and aside from the sweet milk and cheddar cheese, they also added some yogurt and poppers. This one's definitely my favorite among the 4! 

During our visit at Jack's Fresh Lemonade, I just learned that Lemonade can also be a blood purifier, can control our blood pressure, heartburn reliever, can treat arthritis and even rheumatism. So make sure that when life gives you lemons, make sure that they're as fresh as Jack's Fresh Lemonade! ;)

Jack's Fresh Lemonade has already had 9 branches and they're all company owned, but soon they might offer franchising. 

Jack's Fresh Lemonade, Ayala Malls Feliz
Address: Food Choices, Fourth Floor, Ayala Malls Feliz, Dela Paz, Pasig City
Open Hours: Mon to Sun: 10AM to 9PM
Instagram: @jackslemonade
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Disclaimer: This was an invite by Jack's Lemonade but all opinions stated in this blog posts are mine.