A taste of Asia At Xiamen Satay Noodle House, Manila

Lucky for us Filipinos that Manila is abundant with different restaurants of different cuisine - Thai, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Italian to name a few. Today, I'll be sharing a new discovery of an Authentic Noodle Stall that serves different specialties from each country. 

Xiamen Satay Noodle House - A noodle stall that opened last September 2019, owned by Cris and Lindsey who's both from Binondo. Cris used to work in Xiamen and just below his place, there's a restaurant that serves Xiamen Satay Noodle which had become his favorite. When he came back to the Philippines, he wasn't able to find a Chinese restaurant that has the same taste of the said noodles in Xiamen, which made him experiment with the recipe until he ended up getting the same authentic taste he wanted. 

It opted them to open a food stall and thought that it'll be strange if they'll just sell Xiamen Satay Noodles so they ended up adding more menu items to make sure that their customers would have several options to choose from:
Hong Kong Curry Lobster Balls
A bit spicy but definitely one of my favorites because hello, CURRY! It can be paired with rice for just an additional php10. Indeed a must try snack. 
Taiwan Braised Pork Rice
Lindsey's favorite and as mentioned is one of Taiwanese comfort food and can be ordered at any restaurants in Taiwan. It's made of pork belly cut in bite-sized, served with egg and on top of rice. For someone who loves pork belly, this is also a G for me.
Japanese Curry Katsu
We all know that it's a popular dish in Japan. The newest addition to their menu which is perfect for curry lovers like me. I would just suggest that it can be improved by adding a variety of vegetables on the side.
Xiamen Satay Noodles
At first look you might think it's "shabu shabu" or Singapore Laksa, but nah-uh. I haven't been to China, but it was said that it's one of the must try when visiting Xiamen. It is rich, creamy in flavor and blended with savory spice and topped with fish tofu, mushroom balls, fish balls with filling (flavored minced pork) and meatballs with filling (flavored minced pork)

Sichuan Dandan Noodles
At first bite, you'll taste the nutty sweetness of this dish! It consists of a spicy sauce from home-made chili oil, sesame paste and a mixture of ground pork and vegetables served over noodles.
Singapore Noodles
Stir-fried vermicelli noodles seasoned with curry is just too good! It's mixed with sauteed vegetables, eggs and chicken. Plus.. whats good is that it's a bit spicy! 

Beijing Zhajiang Noodles
Zhajiangmian, or "noodles with soybean paste", is a Chinese dish consisting of thick wheat noodles topped with zhajiang sauce. Its initially like Jjangmyeong, but this is China's version! :P My initial reaction when Lindsey started to mix the sauce with the noodles "ang konti po yata nung sauce". BUT NO! The sauce us really sticky and needs to be mixed well with the noodles to taste its sweetness and saltiness.

Each dish comes in two sizes: Regular for 90php and Large for 140php. Don't forget to try their Wintermelon Juice as its perfect when paired with each rice/noodle dish. Students and Teachers/Faculty members can get free Wintermelon juice as long as they show their ID.

Overall, I am happy to try these dishes, especially the Xiamen Satay Noodles and Beijing Zhajiang Noodles as I haven't been to China. The owners are very friendly, the stall is located inside food park, which can still be improved by having more tenants to make the ambiance feel like a real food park with several stalls to choose from. But anyhow, just head straight to the 2nd floor and try each country/city specialty by Xiamen Satay Noodles.

Address: 2F Canwin Plaza 1271 - 1277 Alvarado Ext. Tondo, Manila
Open Hours: Mon to Sat - 10AM to 7PM
Instagram: @xiamen_satay_noodle_house

Disclaimer: This was an invite by Xiamen Satay Noodle House but all opinions stated in this blog posts are mine.