Vanilla Cab Delights - It's Art For Your Palate!

As I always say "Sweetness Is My Weakness". I always crave for something sweet and I believe its one of the many reasons why I can't lose weight and its fine (but not really lol). 

Nowadays, there's a lot of stores and entrepreneurs selling cookies, brownies, etc. and I'm happy to introduce a new one I just discovered: Vanilla Cab Delights ⭐

Owned by Justine, a young entrepreneur who had been in love with baking ever since she was a little girl. She didn't graduate as a culinary student, but took up a short culinary course on Pastry Arts after she completed her Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. With that said, she decided to open up a small pastry business to fulfill her love for baking.

Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies 
Definitely my favorite! I love red velvet and cream cheese and the first time I saw a post about this, I instantly drooled. This fudgy red velvet brownies enveloped with sweet and tangy cheesecake swirls on top is something I would recommend. Without a second thought, I'm willing to eat a whole box of it. 

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
Indeed, this freshly baked cookies made with only the best milk and dark chocolate, making it crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. 

Banana Chocolate Walnut Bread
I'm not really a fan of banana bread, but this is something I can recommend for those banana bread lovers. This mini banana loaves mixed with dark chocolate and walnuts, giving it an extra crunch. Its is baked with only coconut oil and honey for a healthier substitute.

In Vanillacab Delights, each pastry is made with passion, love and care. This young, solo entrepreneur makes sure that she gives premium quality to all her customers by using only all natural ingredients. This is definitely a great gift idea for your friends and loved ones. ❤️

For orders and booking, please check details below:

Much thanks to Vanilla Cab Delights for sending me their samples. I'd definitely recommend her pastries, 100%. Let's #SupportLocal, shall we? 🙂