RAKUBOSS.PH - A Filipino Freelancer New Best Friend!

I used to work multiple (online) part time jobs in the past, such as VA, Social Media Manager, Encoder and even an Online Secretary and seriously what I used to earn from these part time jobs is not a joke. I can only work a minimum of 2 hours - 4 hours per day and the amount I'm getting paid can be as big as my monthly salary from my full time job. However, it's something that I wasn't able to do for a long time, maybe just for a couple of months, then the contract with the client would end, then I have to find a new client which is the part I hate as not every client would respond to my application.

Freelance sidelines are just around the corner. And Rakuboss.ph brings them closer to you! Rakubos connects clients straight to the freelancers. With their user friendly interface, a wide range of clients can seek specified freelance jobs. From lawyers, to realtors, to artists, you name it!

Getting Started

Register a Rakuboss account. Fill out all the important details. Show clients who you are, what you do, and what Sidelines you’re offering. Be transparent! Rakuboss values honesty in order to serve clients and freelancers better. Penalties will be applied to profiles that are made to be deceiving.

After making an account, verify your email and you’re good to go! Navigate our website and visit your profile often so you don’t miss out on any messages from clients.

Posting Your Sidelines

A verified account means you can use the site without charge. There’s no limit to the services you can offer. Rakuboss welcomes Jacks of all trades! However, duplicate listings should be avoided.

To start, click the “Sell Your Sideline” button on the lower right portion of the website. Fill out the details of your service. Straight forward titles and clear photos are best for attracting clients. Use a landscape image that is at least 1000 (width) x 600 (height) pixels. Submit the sideline for review and the Rakuboss team will verify your listing.

Transacting With Clients

Once your sideline is up, Rakuboss will help you find clients based on the description you’ve provided. Rakuboss brings the clients to you! You can also share your listings to other platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Just find the sideline you want to share on your profile and click on get URL

Friends and followers can now easily transact with you through Rakuboss. No hassle, all secure.

Confirming Transactions

When deadlines are met with quality work, Rakuboss will confirm the transaction and process your payout. You’ll receive email notifications regarding the process. We’ll walk you through the entire transaction. Our team is always available to help you with any concerns.

Receiving Payouts (THIS IS THE BEST PART! :P) 

For every successful transaction, Rakuboss requires a 6% commission fee. This fee will serve as the budget for the maintenance of the website. Your earnings can be collected using third-party payment providers such as Paypal, Dragonpay, and other local banks. Please note that banks may have an additional charge of PHP50 per transaction.

It had always been my dream to work comfortably in the comfort of my home without the need of being stressed by commuting back and forth to work, but I gave up with that dream as I'm already back to my 8-5 corporate job. But.. I'm thinking of looking for freelance jobs/projects again because of Rakuboss! I just finished signing up and indeed, its user-friendly and.. I'll be off now to browse for my first client ;)