Nitrogen-Infused Drinks @ Nitro 7 Coffee and Tea Bar - Robinson Magnolia

"But first, COFFEE" -- As they say. I'm one of those people who cannot function when I haven't drank my cup of coffee. I'm not a morning person, but I prefer forcing myself to get up early in the morning as I know I'll be able to function well as long as I have my coffee with me. I'm not that picky when it comes to coffee brands, as long as it's not too strong/bitter and not too sweet then we're settled. I usually drink 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day to help me be productive.

Why they named it Nitro7.Coffee?

Nitro because their concept is a bar that operates a new technology in coffee and tea preparation. After brewing their coffee for 18 hours in cold temperature, they infuse it with nitrogen and serve it via tap, like draft beer. It is owned by 7 entrepreneurs who met on a Sunday Bible Study and since God made the world in 7 days. They decided to use the number "7" as part of their business name. 

Currently, they have 17 branches and 7 of it was franchised. Their technique, may be time consuming, but it yields an amazing cold coffee that is creamy without the milk and sweet without the sugar. This makes their drinks a healthier alternative to the frappes and milk teas available in the market.

Premium Tea Breve

Hazelnut Caramel Mocha

Black Nitro Coffee

Nitro Breve

Irish Creme Breve

Dark Macadamia 
Brown Sugar Milk Tea

They not only offer drinks, but they also have snacks that can be paired with your chosen drinks.
Grilled 3 Cheese 
Grilled Ham & Cheese 
Grilled Tuna & Cheese
Grilled Corned Beef

Their coffee is really strong, but its definitely smoother than other coffees, low-calorie, zero sugar, but has its natural sweetness, creamy mouthful without milk, rich in anti-oxidants and can offer a quick boost of energy. My personal favorite is their Nitro Breve and their Brown Sugar Milk Tea. For the Hot-pressed sandwich, their grilled 3 cheese triggered my love for cheese. I understood why it was their best-seller. They also offer pizza and hot dog sandwich, which I wasn't able to try as I had to leave already for another event.

Nitro 7 Coffee & Tea Bar 
Address: Lower Ground Floor, Robinsons Magnolia, New Manila, Quezon City
Open Hours: Mon to Sun - 11AM to 9PM (Check other branches for open hours)
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