A Taste of Chinatown @ Friends & Family, BGC

Friends and Family - A restaurant that focused on home-cooked Filipino Food such as BBQ, (Ube) Champorado, Sizzling Plates - Bopis, Salpicao and Tofu, Sinigang, Tokwa't Baboy to name some of the crowds favorite.

Today, I was lucky to be part of their media preview of  the new menu they're launching - "Taste of Chinatown" by none other than - Chef Kalel Chan. Their dishes are inspired by the small cafes & tea houses of the world's oldest famous "Binondo".

Crab & Corn Egg Drop (PHP175)
It's topped with crispy wonton threads and its already good for sharing, but I can definitely finish this in one sitting!
Maki Mi (PHP250)
This Maki Soup with Egg Noodles and Fried Pork is already good as it is but make sure to add in the black vinegar as it'll make it flavorful.
Maki & Kiampung Combo (PHP350)
This is an all day meal and I can have this 3 or maybe 4 times a day! Lol Maki Soup served with a single portion of Kiampung Rice.
5 Treasures Kiampong Claypot Rice (PHP295)
Here's a bigger version of the Kiampung Rice mentioned above. It is topped with Chinese Sausage, Omelette, Peanuts, Pickled Mustard Greens, Thinly-Sliced Pork Humba and perfectly paired with Sunshine Hot Sauce! 
Chili Garlic Mixed Seafood Japchae (PHP395)
My friends know me too well that I am really into Korean Food! I got so happy that Japchae was served. :P This Mixed Seafood Japchae is laced with Xiao Xing wine and topped with fried chilies and garlic.
Honey Lemon Chicken (PHP295)
Definitely one of my faves because of the chicken skin! I like that the chicken skin is still crispy even though it's already soaked in Honey Lemon. This is indeed A MUST TRY! I wasn't able to control myself as I think, I ate almost (or not) of the chicken skins. (Sorry, friends! Lol) 
Torta De Cangrejo (PHP350)
Crab Omelette! It has carrots, peas and wansoy plus its topped with a superior sauce. 
Sweet & Sour Bola Bola (PHP275)
Whenever I visit a Chinese Restaurant I make sure that I order sweet and sour pork and this one's definitely good. It's actually shanghai meatballs topped with pineapple, carrots and bell peppers. 
3 Kinds of Buchi (PHP120)
 I'm not a fan of buchi, but I swear this is something! It's the first time that I enjoyed eating buchi that I would definitely ask for more if given the chance. HAHA. My personal fave would be the one with Flatop and Salted Egg Cheese Dulce Filling.
Peach Mango - Flatops - Salted Egg Cheese Dulce
Cold Mango Sago (PHP195)
Cold Almond Jelly (PHP120)

I'm regretting as to why I didn't listen to my friends whenever they suggest that visiting Friends & Family is a must. Now, I understand as indeed, "LAHAT MASARAP" and everything on their menu is at an affordable price, and is already good for sharing with your "barkada" or your "family". I'm glad that I was able to try their new menu before it got launched it this week. These menu will only be available for a limited time, so you might want to visit ASAP. 😊

Friends And Family
Address: Bonifacio High Street Central, 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Open Hours: Monday to Sunday - 11AM to 12MN
Instagram: @friendsandfamilyph
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