W Cafe - Your Local Cafe in Cainta


Say hello to this newly discovered cafe in Cainta, Rizal - "W CAFE - Your Local Cafe in Cainta". They originally opened as a cafe that only serves coffee and cookies, but eventually started serving breakfast and lunch meals. Owned by Eric and Wilda Galvez. They opened the cafe last 2018 with the goal to provide high quality experience at an affordable price to their customers.


It's located on the other side of Cainta church which makes it a good place to visit for a quick bite after hearing mass. The place is just 1 tricycle away from my village and yet again, why is that I didn't know about it?

My initial thought when I received the invite was "Wow. Cainta? Saan dito samen?". I immediately did some research, of course I checked the internet about their menu so I'll have an idea on what to expect. It turns out that this small hole-in-the wall cafe has a lot to offer. They serve finest cafe beverages from freshly brewed Batangas coffee, milk tea and frappes, all day breakfast, authentic Italian pastas, sandwiches and desserts using the finest ingredients.

Ready to drool? :P

Executive Breakfast - consists of sausage, bacon, waffles and eggs. Such a heavy breakfast? Maybe lunch? Well, dinner too (for me lol). This will soon be part of the menu.

Breaded Porkchop Rice Meal 140PHP - I love that it is paired with garlic fried rice and sunny side up egg and of course, atchara: the pantanggal umay right? ;)

Lechon Kawali - This one is again soon to be part of their regular menu. Oh, how I love lechon kawali! They decided to add a pesto dip with it and I can say it really tastes good and it goes well with the lechon kawali and even the porkchop!

Chicken Pesto 130PHP - One of my faves! What's good about this is it was made-from-scratch, but it definitely came out great. It tastes good as it partnered with freshly cooked pasta and big slices of grilled chicken.

Tomato Sardines Pasta 110PHP - A mixture of fresh tomatoes, garlic, freshly cooked pasta and spicy Spanish sardines. This is perfect for those who likes spicy food.

Fish Fillet Pomodoro 160PHP - Italian-styled tomato sauce with black olives and breaded fish fillet on top.

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Authentic Beef and Chicken Shawarmas by their Sri Lankan Chef.

Clubhouse Sandwich 160PHP - Thick slices of wheat bread with grilled bacon, ham, scrambled egg, cheese, lettuce and cucumber for the stuffing.


Banana Walnut Bread - Perfectly baked and great partner with their Batangas Brewed Coffee :)

Coffee Latte 70PHP - This one is their Batangas Brewed Coffee with a cute latte art on top. Those who loves Batangas coffee, this one's for you!

Chocolate Chip Cookies 40PHP - Look at that huuuuuuuuuuuge chocolate chip! Definitely not tinipid. This one's perfectly paired with the coffee latte.

Chocolate Chip Frappe 125PHP - I love Starbucks' Java Chip Frappe and dang! I loved this one too! This one's my favorite among the two frappes we tried. Its coffee-based, btw.

White Chocolate Cream Frappe 95PHP - This one's cream based! It's good too, would definitely add sweetness to your day.

I feel very excited whenever I discover something new about my hometown as it makes me realize that there's really more to it than the nerve-wracking traffic. Lol, I'd definitely recommend W Cafe! It's definitely a great find as we don't have a lot of cafes here in Cainta, well, I mean there are some but they don't serve food this good.


Address: Second Floor, Euros Commercial Building, 242 Bonifacio Avenue, Santo Domingo, Cainta
Open Hours: Mon – Sun: 11AM to 11PM
Instagram: @w_cafe_cainta