UltraKappu - Milk Tea Bar

Aside from Samgyeopsal - MILKTEA had been one of Filipino's addiction and it's something I am guilty of. Famous brands from Taiwan had been outsourced here in the Philippines which makes it hard to choose which one is really the best among them all and it made the milk tea industry here in the Philippines more competitive. With that being said, let me introduce another brand that should be added to our list: ULTRA KAPPU

Ultra Kappu - "urutorakappu" which literally means "ULTRA CUP". The name and theme is very loosely inspired by Japanese superhero "Ultra Man", but the brand is 100% Filipino. However, the ingredients and even the cups they use are imported from the original birthplace of Milk Tea - Taiwan. Ultra Kappu started in March 2019 after the couples overseas trip to visit the pandas in Taiwan, but the said trip turned out to be a week-long milk tea party.

Oreo Matcha Lite - Almond Milk Tea - Salty Cream Coffee

Dark Chocolate - Special Fruit Kappu w/ Popping Bobba - Okinawa

The owners love milk tea, but they're also health conscious. They offer not only supercharged versions of already available options in the market, but also guilt-free and ultimately healthier alternatives. Even though they're on Keto diet, they had to stop for a while, had to attend classes and training before they launch and I can definitely say what they did was a success.

Oreo Milk Cloud - Bulletproof Coffee White - Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea

Bulletproof Mocha - Classic Milk Tea Cloud - Salty Cream Pudding

Milk Tea, Tea and Coffee for everyone, whether you're on a diet or not, they have it here for you. We all know that every milk tea place offers a variety of choices which makes us confused on which one we'd try, which one we'd put together, etc. so the owners decided to make sure that each drink is already complete AKA "masarap na siya kasi complete na" but you still have the option to put add-ons like pearls, salty cream, pudding, popping boba and konnyaku (a no calorie, no sugar, no taste but has a texture that definitely nakakabusog). They're pearls are perfect too, its chewy, just the way I like it. :)

Here's my top picks:

Oreo Matcha Lite

I'm not a fan of Matcha as I don't like its earthy aftertaste, but I learned from the owners that there are two kinds of match: 1) the one that has the earthy taste and 2) premium (if I remember it correctly). They use the premium one and I love how creamy it is.

Brown Sugar Boba Milk

I used to just go for wintermelon when I started with the milk tea craze and got addicted to brown sugar when I first tried it and eventually almost all milk tea brands launched their version of brown sugar. UltraKappu's Brown Sugar Boba Milk is also good when you add oreo and salted cream.

Super Soy

THIS IS SUPERB! I ordered this when we first arrived as I was really hungry (lol). It tasted like chilled taho, but it was even better, especially with the chewy tapioca. Aaaahhhh!

Salty Cream Coffee

The coffee was indeed bitter, but mixed with the salty cream it tastes better.

Aside from the fruit teas and milk tea, UltraKuppa also offers Bulletproof Coffee which consisting of brewed coffee, unsalted butter and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil, all healthy ingredients that are low in sugar but high in good energy. This is what people who's on a Keto diet drink. They also offer sweeteners that is keto-friendly and it definitely won't affect the blood sugar.


Address: Second Floor, Bali Garden Residences, South Zuzuarregui Street, Old Balara, Quezon City
Open Hours: Mon - Sun: 11AM to 10PM
Instagram: @ultrakappu