3 M's @ Mang Ding's!


Malinis. Masarap. Mura.

3 words that best describe MANG DING's - a place that serves ISAW, BBQ and a lot more of Filipino's favorite ihaw ihaw meal. It was named after the owner's (Dindo) grandfather (Ding) but recipe are all original from Dindo. They usually had BBQ every Sunday and thought why not try to put it in concept. They thought to be like Andok's take out concept but eventually decided to open their backyard for people who would like to dine in and have a few drinks with friends plus ihaw ihaw for pulutan.  Mang Ding's definitely put STREET FOODS... to the next level. ;)


What do I mean by NEXT LEVEL? Most of us loves street food, but some of us were too scared to try because, of course, they're concerned as to how it was prepared. But Mang Ding's makes sure that you can cross out that worry because:

MALINIS - They make sure to wash and boil it twice to make sure that it was really cleaned properly. 

MASARAP - The isaw and the BBQs are all marinated in the evening until it'll be grilled the next day once they opened. Making the flavor "nuot- sarap".

MURA - 25php for BBQ? 25php for Isaw Baboy? 15php for Isaw Manok? I wouldn't mind adding a few PHP more from the usual 10php - 15php isaw/bbq I can get elsewhere from those whose guaranteed cleaned properly plus definitely "masarap" then their price range is definitely considered "mura". 


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Consists of assorted barbecue such as Isawmanok, Isaw Baboy, Pork BBQ, Chicken BBQ, Tenga ng Baboy and Gizzard.

Dinakdakan - 60PHP
This is a popular Ilocano dish mainly made of grilled and boiled pork parts. Not really a fan of it, but I loved this! It was creamy and it was a perfect pair with my rice and bottle of beer :P

BBQ Liempo - 155PHP
Another inihaw favorite! Grilled Pork belly marinated in salt and pepper paired with soy sauce.

Boneless Bangus - 200PHP
The only time I eat tomatoes is when I am eating grilled bangus. This deboned milkfish is definitely tomatoes overload, but still tasty.

Ensaladang Dulong - 100PHP
Not a big fan of dulong, but this one is something new as they did it with a twist.

Ensaladang Mangga - 75PHP
Who here wouldn't be familiar with this one? This is usually present whenever there's an ihaw ihaw dish. Btw, I like their bagoong! It's a must try!

Inihaw na talong Ensalada - 50PHP
Another one to try in exchange of the ensaladang mangga.


Of course, ihaw ihaw wouldn't be complete without a bottle of beer. Aside from coffee & soft-drinks, Mang Ding's also serves alcoholic drinks. A bucket of beer costs 300php. :)


Mang Ding's is guaranteed MALINIS, MASARAP at MURA! Plus.... I'm sure that you'd love the chill and homey vibes of the place, the relaxing background music, the friendly staff and don't worry, HINDI KA MANGANGAMOY INIHAW DITO because of how they set up the place. ;) Convinced yet? Let's Mang Ding's soon, eh? <3


Address: Buenviaje Street, Santo Niño, Marikina City
Open Hours: Mon – Wed: 4PM to 11PM / Thurs - Sun: 4PM to 12MN
Instagram: @mangdingspinoy