Breakfast Date At Sammy's?

When you hear "Rizal" what would you first think of?
Probably T-R-A-F-F-I-C.
But, there's more to Rizal than traffic. Rizal consists of 12 provinces that has its own must see, must try and must visit places. I've been living in Cainta Rizal since I was born and I always had this love-hate relationship with my town because of the traffic, but here I am. Still here and have no plans of moving elsewhere. We all know that there's more to Rizal than traffic, I've seen a lot of changes and improvements in our town as years go by and I can say that I love it here.
Another addition to A MUST visit in Rizal is what me and my other foodie friends discovered last weekend - SAMMY'S: Owned by Chef Sammy and his lovely wife Dorothy Isidro. They're both worked as a singer in Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta for 17+ years and Chef Sammy decided to attend a culinary school to pursue his other passion which is: Cooking. After their contract ended, they decided to settle down here in Rizal and decided to open Sammy's restaurant.
Sammy's Restaurant - A restaurant located on the 2nd floor of the Isidro's resident inside Valley Golf, Cainta Rizal. The restaurant has a rustic-industrial vibe and you'll be amazed as to how the restaurant was designed. Everything was decorated by Isidro's, the signboard outside, the restroom, the decorations on the wall, it's all DIY. You'll be fascinated by the large windows that would give you a "very close to nature" vibe. The restaurant is very intimate that they only allow up to 24 guests.
Wall design
Restroom (I didn't took more photos of the restroom, but its all DIY too. The sink is "kawali" and even the decoration on the walls are nice too.

Their menu is mostly Indonesian inspired with just a little twist by Chef Sammy as all the ingredients are locally sourced except for the Nasi Goreng as they used the sweet Indonesian soy sauce and the Krupuk crackers which you'll see later. ;)

Cubano Sandwich with Kamote Fries - 250PHP
Cubano bread, cheese with kamote (sweet potato) on the side. This is definitely one of my favorites! They decided to put this on their menu because of their previous trip to LA where Cubano sandwich on a Cubano food truck was a must try, as shared by Ms. Dorothy.
5-HR Pork Belly w/ Laing and White Rice - 290PHP
It was said that Sammy loves Pork Belly and this 5 hours pork belly was roasted on low temperature. They also have 3 hour pork belly wherein it would still have the "putok batok" crispiness accompanied by laing that was made from scratch, adding the steamed rice that completes the whole dish.
Indonesia "Konro" (Braised Beef Ribs) w/ White Rice - 530PHP
This dish can be good for 1 - 2 pax! It was slow-cooked for hours and they used the drippings as its sauce making it really flavorful. With how tasty it is, I think it can only be good for 1 pax. ;)
Sammy's Breakfast - 390PHP
Everything in this dish are Sammy's favorites' for breakfast- tocino, longganisa, danggit, omelet, tapat and garlic fried rice. If you're into American breakfast, you can opt to try D's (Dorothy's) breakfast as it consists of bacon, ham, chicken sausage, hash brown, pancakes and fried eggs. These 2 breakfast dishes are good for sharing!
Hot Bicolano Tabrilla Chocolate - 65PHP
A perfect pair for the breakfast dish or even for the desserts' that was served to us. I remembered how each one of us raised our hands when the Isidro's asked who wants more Tabrilla (lol). The chocolate used here was originally from D's counsin's farm in Bicol.
Nasi Goreng - 190PHP
Indonesian fried rice w/ Chicken Satay and Krupuk, this is the one I am talking about earlier. Nasi Goreng is considered Indonesian's favorite food AKA also the Isidro's favorite Indonesia food.
Mango Crepes with Vanilla Sauce - 160PHP
This was Chef Sammy's favorite way back to the restaurant that he used to work. Whenever the guests' wouldn't finish everything on the dessert cart, they'll definitely eat it. Sammy makes his own vanilla extract for this dessert.
2019-07-16 064859495304246400039..jpg
Banana Bread French Toast - 140PHP
Banana bread had been Chef Sammy's favorite while growing up. One time, as he was searching for the recipe online, where he ended up watching a video of an old lady which inspired him for his recipe. He's already selling banana bread to the US Embassy in Jakarta and they're all saddened when he left the country.
2019-07-16 068184786890910483478..jpg
Martabak Manis
This is a popular sweet dish in Indonesia and most Indonesians love it. It's actually an Indonesian pancake that has ground peanuts, cheese and condensed milk inside which makes it very rich in flavor.
I live just 5 minutes away from Volleygolf and I even visit Volleygolf as some of my friends live here, but never have I heard about this "awesome" restaurant. Its indeed a hidden gem in Cainta Rizal. A hidden gem that I want everyone to discover as it's something worth experiencing. I'm thinking of bringing my family here for lunch or dinner, maybe on my birthday as I want them to experience the sumptuous food and relaxing ambiance you can get from Sammy's.
I did mention that the Isidro's worked as singers in Jakarta right? After our mouth-watering lunch, they serenaded us with 2 songs. First Sammy himself sang a song from Queen and followed by another song by Train which they sang together. We can't help but feel "kilig" and utter the words "SANA ALL". Lol The Isidro's also acts as entertainers to complete your dining experience, they usually sing 2 to 3 songs, but they're still open for requests.


The restaurant is open Tuesdays to Saturdays for breakfast from 7:00AM to 11:30AM and for dinner from 7:00PM to 10.:30PM and on Sundays for breakfast from 7:00AM to 11:30AM. Seating is strictly by reservation so call +639391483960 to book your table.


Address: 14 Raspberry Bend Street, Valley View Executive Subdivision Phase 3, San Juan, Cainta
Contact Number: +63 9391483960


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