Abdul: Kebab & Curry

My love for Persian Kebabs and Indian curries follows after my addiction to Korean Food. There was this Kebab place that had been our go-to place whenever we crave for one, but that changed when we've discovered Abdul, a small kiosk along Timog, across GMA to be exact. :)
It was owned by a young entrepreneur who happened to be a friend of our friend. Super small world, right? He also partnered with an Iranian and Indian chef making every dish authentic.
Persian Kebabs
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Chicken Koobideh - 169PHP
Charcoal-grilled ground chicken marinated with Persian spices. Served with grilled tomato, white onion and a choice of Basmati rice, Naan or Pita Bread.
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Chelo Kebab Beef Koobideh w/ Basmati Rice - 179PHP
This one's my favorite! My forever order! Lol I can seriously finish maybe 2 to 3 Basmati Rice in Abdul. (Don't judge!) Inclusions are the same with their Chicken Koobideh, but this time its beef.
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Chelo Kebab Combination - 179PHP
A combination of Beef Koobideh, Chicken Koobideh or Chicken Shish. Also served with grilled tomato and raw white onion.

Indian Curry

FYI, these 2 can easily be out of stock and once that happens, they would not cook for more, as they only do the grilling there, but cooking the curry is prepared by their Indian chef at home. ;)

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Beef Curry - 219PHP
Tender beef cubes cooked with tomatoes, onions, yogurt and Indian spices. And.. It can be a little spicy.
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Butter Chicken - 239PHP
Boneless chicken cooked with tomatoes, cashew nuts, butter, cream sauce and Indian spices. Again, its a little spicy.
Beverage and Appetizer
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Lassi - 69PHP
A home-made yogurt drink. Its a combination of water, yogurt, spices and sometimes fruit.
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Falafel - 99PHP
Fried chick peas mixed with parsley and Middle Eastern Spices. It is also served with Tahini sauce.
Here's the menu:
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Abdul being just a little kiosk exceeded our expectations. Everything they serve was definitely rich in flavor plus everything is at an affordable price. The staff and also the Iranian chef that you can always see there grilling in the back of the kiosk is friendly and accommodating. I'd 100% recommend Abdul for those who loves Persian and Indian food too! :)
Open Hours: Mon – Sat: 5:00PM to 1:00AM
Address: 124 Timog Avenue, Sacred Heart, Quezon City
Contact Number: +63 9178306661
Instagram: @abdulkebabcurry