2 EXPERIENCES IN 1: BuildPlus+ X Megawatt

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As Filipinos love to try something new. Concept Stores are gaining popularity around the Metro. Last July 13, I got the chance to visit a concept store in Banawe, Quezon City who just opened last May. They're originally located in N. Domingo, but had to move to a bigger space.

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BuildPlus+ a build, shop & dine concept that offers a unique & value for money construction & kitchen tools store. They're only retail hub that operates as a one-stop shop for different items ranging from quality tools and accessories to car care necessities and homeware products. Their the official concept store in the area of INGCO brand of Power Tools & Equipment - a renowned quality tools with European Standards. They also carry other brands like; Extreme Brand of Tools & Equipment, Jr. Kawasaki Tools, Bosny Spray Paints & Hardware Products, FireStop - Portable Fire Extinguisher, Meguiar's Car Care Products, CleanPRO / P&S / TAC - Car Care Chemicals & necessities, Kitchen Circle - Kitchenware necessities, FSL & Philip's Lighting, ROYU & Firefly Lighting Accessories, ONDOY boats - rescue & re-creational heavy duty plastic boats, Unique lighting fixtures and  many more! The Ondoy boats got my attention as I think its badly needed in Rizal! Hahahaha! 

On the same roof is their concept dining store: Megawatt - Pizza & Steak; a power plant inspired restaurant that offers steaks as well as pizzas, burgers, chickens and more! Now they are also offering a "Secret menu" for Keto meals for those who's on Keto diet.

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After looking around, of course you'd feel hungry. That's what this Concept Store is about, of course you'll get tired from shopping so you'd like to eat and they'll definitely give you an awesome dining experience. "Shopping muna si daddy/boyfriend, kakaen muna si mommy/girlfriend and/or kids."

Now, let's talk about their menu. Let's start off with:

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Megawatt House Fried Chicken and Waffle - 245PHP

The chicken was tender, juicy and crispy! It was built on the house and comes with refillable gravy!

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Tomahawk Pork chops with Cilantro Rice - 498PHP 

One of my faves during this lunch! It was chewy and definitely tasty. Having it partnered with cilantro rice is such a great combo.

2019-07-19 097873288824063287473..jpg
Crunchy Fried Lasagna - 285PHP

I'm a big fan of food with tomato sauce. However, this was my first time to try fried lasagna and yes, it was indeed crunchy and my it was very tasty.

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Ultimate Meal Platter - 695PHP

Meat lovers raise your hand as this one's for you! This is actually part of the "secret menu" I mentioned earlier. It comes with keto burger patty, Megawatt House Fried Chicken with refillable gravy and ribs.

They actually have 3 types of pizza: hand-tossed, cracker thin and croizza.

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Garlic Seafood Pizza (Hand-Tossed) - 325PHP

A combination of shrimp, scallops and squid on white sauce.

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Pepperoni (Cracker Thin) - 312PHP

Crispy cracker crust pizza with cheese on the edges.

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Sunny Side Bacon on Crust Croizza - 273PHP

Love the sunny side up egg, plus how cheesy it is and of course the bacon!

2019-07-19 097717182288515629591..jpg
Bacon Bombs (Keto Friendly) - 238PHP

Mozzarella cheese wrapped with bacon, this is indeed extremely good! Perfect for all bacon lovers out there. This is also perfect for people on keto diet ;)

2019-07-19 09388227629265132040..jpg
Chicharon Bulaklak (Keto-Friendly and Secret Menu) - 280PHP

Saving the best for last! My top fave: Crispy Chicaron Bulaklak dipped in spicy vinegar! Well, who doesn't love this putok batok dish?

2019-07-19 093458512927798983481..jpg
Lick Iced Tea - 138PHP / Lick Island Mango - 158PHP

Lick Iced Tea has refreshing fruit tea flavors! I love their Raspberry and Apple Tea flavor. :) They also have the new Lick Island Mango flavor which was cultivated from fresh mangoes here in the Philippines.

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As Sean (The owner) said, other's might feel awkward to enter their store as its too manly and who would've thought that it's also a place that you can dine. Did I also mention that the  store is partially solar powered and that it is also pet friendly?  This place is really #MoreThanJustTools ;)


Address: 686 Banawe St. Brgy. Siena, Quezon City
Contact Number: (02)971-0389 ; 0917-182-7583
Email: buildplusph@gmail.com ; megawattph@gmail.com
* www.facebook.com/buildplusph
* www.facebook.com/megawatt.ph
* @buildplusph
* @megawatt.ph