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Antipolo City - A mountainous city located east of Manila that's popular for suman and cashew but who would have thought that inside one subdivision in Antipolo City lies a Japanese Restaurant.
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Katsu House - A small, simple casual dining place that offers a variety of Japanese cuisine with vegan and keto options. Yup! You read it right, K-E-T-O and V-E-G-A-N. ;)
Last 26th of May, I got the chance to indulge in some of Katsu House dishes and I must say they not only serves some of my favorites but their price is definitely affordable too!

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​Vegan Tantanmen - 199PHP
Red Peppers, Red Miso Broth, Tamago (optional), Minced Shiitake, Tofu and Red Bell Peppers. It's definitely spicy but just the way I like it! At first, I wasn't aware that this was a Vegan Tantanmen as it doesn't taste one. I'm really not a fan of vegetables, but I can say this one is my top favorite.
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Teriyaki Maki - 180PHP
Chicken/Shiitake Teriyaki, Cabbage, Cucumber, Caramelized Onions, Toasted Sesame Seeds, Teriyaki Sauce, Wasabi Mayo, Torched. The taste of Teriyaki mixed with Caramelized Onions is just perfect for me.
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Shiitake Kimchi Gyoza ​- 125HP for 4 pieces / 250PHP for 12 pieces
You all know that I am a big fan of Korean food so I really enjoyed this Kimchi Gyoza!
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Shiitake Gyoza / ​​125php for 4 pieces and 250php for 12 pieces \
Japanese food wouldn't be complete without shiitake mushroom. If I'm not mistaken, this is part of the vegan menu. 
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Spicy Shiitake Katsu Maki - 180PHP
It was indeed spicy, but it was definitely tolerable! Red Pepper Paster, Shiitake Katsu, Lettuce, Cabbage, Nori Togarashi coating with Spicy Mayo.
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Taco Nori Trio - 175PHP
Deep fried Katsu Nori w/ 3 kinds of fillings
Spicy Shiitake Teriyaki, Tofu Summer Salad and Spicy Tofu
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Gyu-K Curry Special - 265PHP
Who's a big fan of Curry like me? Yay for this Wagyu Katsu served with Steamed Rice topped with Japanese Curry!
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Vegan Katsu Special Don - 199PHP
Shiitake, Eggplant, Sweet potato and Tofu Nori Katsu. Yum? Yes! 100%!
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Surf and Chips - 250PHP 
Ebi Katsu, Tako Katsu, Kani Katsu in one plate
Choice of Chips: J. Fries, T. Fries, Onion Rings, Tofu Nori Bites,
Choice of Dip for Katsu: Katsu, Teriyaki, Honey Mustard, Garlic Cream, Spicy Mayo, Wasabi Mayo and Coleslaw and Benishoga on the side
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A Japanese dish of deep-fried skewered meat and vegetables
Spam nori kushikatsu - 60PHP
Kani kushikatsu - 40PHP
Shiitake kushikatsu - 75PHP
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Kani Salad - 139php
Oh, nothing special. We all know that Kani Salad will always be present on any Japanese restaurant. Btw, this is the only "salad" I would always enjoy eating!
Our lunch feast didn't end there. As we were served some desserts to try:
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Keto Vegan Cocoaberry - 100PHP
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Keto Dark Choco - 100PHP
I won't lie as I didn't really enjoy the keto desserts that was served as I don't like dark/bitter chocolates. But I can recommend it for those who's a vegan and under keto diet. :)
When I saw the #FMU invite, I immediately said yes, as 1. The location is just a ride away from my place and 2. I was craving for some maki (HEHE). But I was surprised that they also have vegan and keto options and I didn't know what to expect from there (because hello, I don't like/I don't really eat vegetables) but nope, everything was worth trying as it wasn't bad at all. I remembered the owner telling us that their restaurant is definitely a place for those who's craving for Japanese food but a vegan or under keto diet and I couldn't agree more. The place is also pet-friendly and you can also request some meals to be cooked for your fur babies. :)
DISCLAIMER: All photos are mine except for the one mentioned that it was from google. :) 
My top picks: 
🌟 Vegan Tantanmen
🌟 Teriyaki Maki
🌟 Shiitake Kimchi Gyoza
🌟 Spam Nori Kushikatsu


Address: 50 Beverly Hills Drive, Beverly Hills Subdivision, Dolores, Taytay
Open Hours: Mon to Sun: 11am to 8pm
Contact Numbers: 02 2120677
Facebook: Katsu House
Instagram: @katsuhouseph