Flavored Tapiocas? Only at One Zo!

ONE ZO means "playing with balls of dough" in Mandarin.

Tapioca, Boba, Pearls - Whatever you may call it. For me, it's something that I consider with my Milk Tea. I'm a big fan of Milk Tea, but if the pearls are not good or better to say not chewy then its a big NO for me.

I'm so glad to be part of One Zo's Grand Opening last, together with my other foodie friends' we we're able to try how good and unique this brand is as they're making their own tapiocas'. It's not just simple tapioca's, but FLAVORED tapiocas. You read it right. F-L-A-V-O-R-E-D which definitely adds more flavor to your drink.

The founder, Mr. Chen Youg-Hui, was inspired to produce the freshest ingredients for his milk tea and it had led to numerous attempts to learn how to make pearls every day. He also took it to the next level by injecting flavors in the pearls.

The process is quite similar to producing a dough when baking bread. Different ingredients are put into a mixer and once the tapioca dough is produced, hands are used to beat down the dough to create a perfect texture and shape. Then it'll put into a machine to cut it into round-shaped pearls.

Four years in and they have made quite a mark in many countries - United States, Canada, Singapore, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia. Now the good news is, it's now here in the Philippines! No one can definitely resist these soft, chewy and flavored pearls.
One Zo offerings are different in every country, and its local distributor thought long and hard as to what would go on their menu. Handmade pearl come in flavors of their classic Brown Sugar, Taro, Matcha, Strawberry and Mango.
For those who can't decide what drink to get, try their recommendation of 3-in-1 (One Zo Milk Tea + 3 kinds of Pearls), Dirty Milk (Brown Sugar + Milk + Brown Sugar Pearls), Dirty Tea (Brown Sugar + Milk + Tea + Brown Sugar Pearls), Taro Delight (Taro Milk Tea + Taro Pearls), It's a Match (Matcha Latte + Matcha Pearls), and One Zo Fruit Tea (w/ fresh fruits. There are so many to choose from and price ranges between 75PHP to 150PHP.
All ingredients for the handmade flavored pearls are chemical-free, fresh milk and fruits. Rest assured its with the highest quality of tea drinks. It's definitely something I'd recommend 100%! :) 

Address: Ground Floor, Promenade, Greenhills
Open Hours: Mon – Fri: 11AM to 10PM / Sat & Sun: 10AM to 10PM
Instagram: @onezo_ph