Balestier - A Taste of Singapore in Marikina

Marikina had slowly emerged as a new destination for foodies because of the number of restaurants and food parks that had opened here. And who would have thought that just by visiting Marikina you'll be able to experience a taste of Singapore?
Owned by Mikee Rodriguez and Mandy Diaz De Rivera, who believes that their food is a mixture of "East meets West" and because they fell in love with the food in Balestier when he used to train there which made them decide to use it for their restaurants' name (Balestier is a street in Singapore known for its selection of local eateries.)
Munch on this Wanton Chips while waiting for your food.
The food served had familiar flavors, but it was definitely served with a twist which I think what makes Balestier different.

Sweet and Crunchy Crispy Chili Beef Strips - 310
Zhen Jiang Ribs - Tender pork spareribs with melted mozzarella - 375
Have you ever tried a "soup-less Laksa"? If not and would love to, this is definitely the place to be! I love Laksa and this one is new for me. I love how rich it is in flavor even without dipping it in the soup.
Laksa Tsukemen - 435

How to eat it?

1) Squeeze lemon over noodles
2) Break egg, mix it with noodles
3) Dip noodles into the soup
I've tried several Hainanese Chickens but there's something different about this one. It was seriously good!

Hainanese Chicken - 260
This potstickers are made up of pulled beef, mozzarella, Yakitori sauce and sesame salad.

Potstickers - 175

Salted Egg Wings - 250
I definitely recommend this place to my friends and family. The ambience is so chill with the restaurant being well-lit and the neat design of the place. The food price isn't cheap but the food serving is already good for sharing (well still depends on your appetite lol) and the food quality is definitely worth every price.

Thank you Marikina Foodies and Zomato for the invite! <3
Address: 14 Nicanor Roxas Street, San Roque, Marikina City
Contact Number: 02-2469069
Open Hours: Monday to Sunday: 11am to 10pm
Facebook and Instagram: