Taipei Oxygen Hostel

Being a solo traveler, I always prefer staying at dorm type hostel/guesthouse for specific reasons 1) IT IS CHEAP!! 2) I get to meet other solo travelers like me
3 reasons why I choose to stay at Taipei Oxygen Hostel:
1) It is cheap compared to the other hostel/guesthouse I've checked - Yup. Got my bed at a 6 bunk bed female dorm for 2,600PHP already good for 5 days. :)
2) It is close to the locations I wanted to visit plus close to an MRT station and
3) They have great reviews from other travelers as well.
How to go to Taipei Oxygen Hostel from Taipei Main Station?
From the airport, I took the bus 1819 going to Taipei Main Station and from there I took a cab going to the hostel.
It was said on my map that the hostel can be reached by walking for 16 minutes since it was already late, as I was able to arrive at Taipei Main Station around 2:00 am, I decided to take the cab and just less than 5 minutes I arrived at the hostel and it only cost me 100NTD.
When I went inside the hostel, I was welcomed by the receptionist. The reception is open 24 hours so late check-ins are okay. I paid for my room and was given my ID tag which will be used for the door to my room, the elevator and of course for my locker.
2018-04-11 0238809505..jpg
2018-04-11 02911568164..jpg
2018-04-11 02585099641..jpg 
Here's where you can order drinks and/or food
The ID badge is used in the elevator by tapping it, then pressing the floor number where your room is.
2018-04-11 041603467025..jpg
1st floor/lobby: This is where the restaurant, the bar and the reception is.
2nd and 3rd floor: This is where the ladies dorm are. I am not sure what's the set up on the 2nd floor, but on the 3rd floor, there are 3 rooms and we have shared bathroom.
4th floor: This is where the dorm for males are located.
5th floor: This is where the common room is. The laundry room, smoking room and the lounge are located here. It can be reached by going to the 4th floor and taking the stairs going up as the elevators' service is only until the 4th floor.
When I reached the 3rd floor, this is what welcomed me:
2018-04-11 021253264432..jpg
You need to leave your shoes here and get a pair of slippers before entering the room.
And this is how my room looked like:
Here are the lockers. I guess a large sized luggage can fit here. 

Here's my bed :)
Here's what the shared bathroom looked like:

Make up room!! :)
There are 2 toilets
Here's the shower room. There's also 2 shower rooms.
When you went up to the 5th floor this is what would welcome you:
The laundry room
Here's the lounge where you can watch the television, read books, eat your take out food and get hot or cold water:

Hi Suji! She's a Korean solo traveler whom I met at the hostel. :) She was busy writing about her trip. :) We're still communicating so we can meet again soon on our next travels! :)
The staff are friendly and helpful. I did an early check-out and they have a baggage counter where you can leave your bags and it is guaranteed safe as you will be given a slip that you have to return for you to be able to get your bags. They have great facilities and the whole hostel was clean especially the bathroom. My bed bunk was spacious that I think it can be good for 2 people. Lol The wifi connection was fast too, that you'll have access to it wherever you are at the hostel. I just haven't tried their food on the 1st floor as I usually ate outside, but I think they serve great food and it was also a great place to drink as everytime I come home at night, there's been several people dining and drinking on the 1st floor plus they also have live bands which I guess what makes the dining and drinking experience enjoyable.
I would definitely recommend this place and I would definitely choose to stay here if ever I would go back to Taipei again.

Address: No. 100, Section 1, Chongqing South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100
Contact Number: +886 2 2311 4567