A walk in Taipei

Walking is such an efficient and cheap way whenever you're traveling. There are several tourist spots on every country/place that can be visited just by walking. :)
** Note that these are just a few of the tourist spots that I was able to visit as I only have limited time plus it rained on my last 2 days in Taipei and it really ruined my itinerary.
Peace Park (I usually pass by this park as its the easiest way to go to NTU MRT station from my hotel) - Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall - Longshan Temple - Taipei 101 - National Taiwan University
"The most prominent historical landmark in Taiwan, the CKS Memorial Hall was erected in honor and memory of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, the former President of the Republic of China, and was opened in 1980 as part of a national park and gathering area. The name of the square is officially Liberty Square (自由廣場), as seen above the front gate, however the name change was politically motivated and most people in practice still refer to the entire complex as CKS Memorial Hall. Besides the main hall, the large complex includes the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Park (中正紀念公園), National Concert Hall (國家音樂廳), and the National Theater (國家戲劇院)." - Guide to Taipei
Liberty Square
Liberty Square
Photo shot by a kind stranger :)
Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall
Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall
People are getting ready for the changing of guards ceremonyfb_img_15290687250707790054553186999699.jpg
Changing of guards ceremony
Statue of Chiang Kai-shek in the main chamber of the Memorial Hallfb_img_1529068683548607588965515446027.jpg 
National Concert Hall
National Theater
National Theater
I was able to watch the changing of guards ceremony when I reached the place, I just couldn't take a good shot as it was really crowded. Changing of guards happens every, hour make sure to get a good spot to be able to take nice photos and videos. When I went up the National Theater there are lots of people who's having their dance practice.
Entrance Fee: Free
"The most well known temple in Taiwan, the Mengjia Longshan Temple was built in 1738 by settlers from Fujian as a gathering place for Chinese settlers. Located in the old village part of Taipei, Wanhua District, this temple has stood the test of time and lasted through several natural disasters and wars. Longshan Temple is one of largest and oldest temples in Taiwan. Entrance is free, but donations to maintain the upkeep of the temple are accepted." - Guide to Taipei
It took me 30 minutes to reach Longshan Temple, but only took me 10 minutes to check and take photos everything inside. Even though it was raining , there's still a lot of people who visited the temple to pray and give offerings.
Entrance Fee: Free
THIRD STOP: TAIPEI 101 (13 minutes via MRT)
My original plan was to hike up the Elephant Mountain, but due to the nonstop rain on my last 2 days in Taipei where I planned to do my walking trip, I had to just cancel it and so I decided to just go directly to Taipei 101, but I didn't go up due to my limited time.
"Taipei 101 is an engineering marvel and the first building of its kind in the world. Spanning 101 stories above the ground at 508 metres, the building was designed as a symbol of technology's evolution fused with Asian tradition. The building features many pan-Chinese and Asian elements mixed with a postmodern style, and is designed to withstand typhoons and earthquakes common in Taiwan." - Guide to Taipei
Photo taken by a stranger
Photo taken by a stranger
Not a perfect shot for Taipei 101 but I was still happy to see it up close. When I visit Taipei again, I'll make sure to hike the Elephant Mountain and/or go to the Taipei 101 observatory.
Observatory Entrance Fee:
  • General Ticket: NT$600
  • Student (w/ ID): NT$540
  • Child (ubder 115cm): FREE
You can also purchase one from Klook and use my promo code (J6KQV), Klook also has this Taipei 101 Observatory Priority Pass.
"National Taiwan University (NTU); is a national university in Taipei City, Taiwan. Considered the most prestigious university in Taiwan and one of the top ranked universities in the world, it consists of 11 colleges, 54 departments, 107 graduate institutes and four research centers. NTU has a main campus in Da'an District, Taipei City and has additional campuses in Taipei, New Taipei City, Hsinchu County, Yunlin County, and Nantou County. The main campus is home to most college department buildings and administrative buildings. The University governs farms, forests, and hospitals for education and research purposes." - Wikipedia
Remember this? :)
Before we all got addicted to kdramas, we started first with Meteor Garden! I believe some scenes from Meteor Garden was shot from this university. It feels nostalgic as I've been a fan of that drama and it was like what, 10-15 years ago? Lol There were no classes when I visited as it was a holiday. :)
Entrance Fee: Free
What I missed (but was originally part of my DIY itinerary) due to the bad weather:
- The Elephant Mountain
- Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
- Maokong Gandola (I was already in line to at the entrance and I already bought a ticket, but then it rained hard that they had to stop their operation. W T H!)
- Taipei Zoo
It's kind of sad that I am not able to visit all the location that was listed on my itinerary due to the bad weather, but that gives me more reasons to go back, right? :)