Soon in the PH: Malongo Atelier Barista - French Flavor unlike any other!

Aside from food, Filipino's had been fond of coffee. Whether you're a regular drinker or just wanting to relax. For some people, coffee had been part of their everyday life. Cafes here in our country has been swiftly growing in the past few years and still hasn't shown any signs of slowing down.

We we're fortunate enough to be invited and witness Malongo and One World and Seven Seas Culinary's contract signing last December 14. The two decided to collabarate and open Malongo Atelier Barista's first branch in Asia. How touching that its first branch in Asia would be here in our home country, the Philippines?
"Malongo Arelier Barista is the leading French company for top of the range coffee. Our reputation is built on offering our customers products of the highest quality combined with a fast efficient service. The dedication to quality guides the general company policy each and every day. It requires great attention to detail at each stage of the coffee manufacturing process, from the coffee plantations right to the customer's cup of coffee."
Malongo offers variety of coffee and Bio Tea which we were free to to try during the said contract signing.
La Grande Reserve – Mild Coffee and AcidicIMG_1458
Bresil Sul de Minas – Strong Coffee and Non-AcidicIMG_1459
Moka d’Ethiopie – Strong Coffee and Acidic
Colombie Supremo – Mild Coffee and Acidic
Decaf and Non-Acidic
Earl Grey Black Tea
Black Tea
Green Tea with Fruity Flavor
Mint Green Tea
Lychee Flavored Tea
"Malongo offers coffees from small-scale farming, cultivated in the sahde of high altitude plantations. Each ben is picked by hand, in order that only perfectly mature beans are harvested. All Malongo coffees undergo the best roasting method there is: "the traditional way in 20 minutes". Lavished with the attention of a master roaster, it allows the greatest Arabicas to reveal all the finesse of their aromas."
Here’s Mr. Jean-Pierre Blanc (General Director of Malongo) and Mr. Cheng “Tony” Cao (CEO of One World and Seven Seas Culinary Inc.) while signing the Memorandum of Agreement.
Can't wait for Malongo's first branch to open next year at Greenbelt Hamilton Tower, actual date soon to be announced. Truly Malongo is a French flavor unlike any other! Who's excited for it too?
Malongo Atelier Barista
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