Seoul-o (solo) Winter Trip Experience

Being raised from a tropical country, I've always dreamed of experiencing snow and/or winter. Yes, we do experience the cold weather here in the Philippines, but, still it’s nothing compared to the sub-zero degrees temperature that other countries have.
South Korea had always been on my top list of my dream destinations ever since I was a kid. Maybe because when I was young, I started watching Kdramas (lol). As I grew up and learned more about South Korea, I found out that there's more in it than just kdramas. Its people, its culture, its food, everything in it made me more thrilled to visit the country.
It’ll be my first ever VISA application and I know everyone had that anxious feeling too during their first time. I just told myself that I’ll visit Korea before the year ends and so I started preparing for my first ever winter experience and here’s how I did it:
  • SHOW MONEY FOR VISA APPLICATION: I started saving 7 months before the actual trip and I made sure that I’ll end up with this specific amount right before I request for a bank certificate as part of the requirement for the application. What I can say to this, the safest amount would be 50,000PHP for your show money if you’ll only stay for 4-5 days. Others say they had less than 50,000 on their bank and they got approved, other have more than that but got denied. So dasal dasal nalang, tiwala lang! Lol <3
  • PRE-BOOKED MY TICKET: Yup, I booked my ticket 7 months before the trip from Cebu Pacific’s promo fare  for MNL to ICN and for the ICN to MNL ticket, I booked it from Air Asia with 25kg baggage allowance which was sponsored by my uncle. (YAY!)
  • PRE-BOOKED MY ACCOMMODATION: I booked my accommodation a month before my trip. It was the cheapest I can find that has easy access to transportation. Thanks to for their no pre-payment, no credit card needed and free cancellation option. Click for more details about my guesthouse I stayed in. :)
  • VISA APPLICATION:  No schedule needed as you just need to be at the Korean Embassy before their cutoff time. The process was smooth and quick. My travel time is longer than the time I actually spent passing my requirements. I actually applied a week before my flight (YOLO). I stayed positive that I’ll get approve since I passed all the necessary requirements needed, plus I have enough money to support my travel. 3-5 days was the actual process time for first time applicants, throughout that 3-5 days, I patiently monitor the status of my VISA here.
Traveling solo has several advantages and disadvantages, in my case I was so happy that I did it and I’ll definitely do it again. I don’t mind that I had to wander alone, no one to talk to, no one to take photos of me/take photos with, and no one to share meals with. Who cares? Masaya din magisa mga besh! Lol
It was a fulfilling and liberating trip and I am looking forward for more trip like this.
Thank you, SoKor! 6 days wasn’t enough to experience everything that you can offer, but at least I know that I still have a lot of reason to go back. I love you ever since and I love you much more after the trip! See you AGAIN. ♥
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