Seoul-o (solo) Winter Trip: Ewha Womans University | Hongdae

Ewha Woman's University is the first women's university established in Korea. This is Korea's largest underground campus. I wanted to visit Ewha Woman's University for its architecture, but was surprised when I got out of the subway and welcomed by the busy Shopping Street going to Ewha University. There are lots of cafes, skin care boutiques, clothes and shoe shop that offers an affordable price. You'll definitely find the best bargain here since the place targets students so they definitely offer everything on a student budget.
I wouldn't mind studying here at all! It was really beautiful! This has got to be one of my most favorite spots in Seoul.

How to get there: 

  • From Ewha University station (Line 2)  take exit 2 or 3
  • Walk straight for about 10 minutes to reach the University and you'll pass by every bar, restaurant and boutiques around the area.

From Ewha Woman's University I went straight to Hondae since I will be meeting my Korean friend for dinner and we'll drink afterwards. The subway areas of these three areas are just adjacent to each other.  Hongdae is the entertainment and clubbing district. It is the nightlife mecca of Seoul.
The area is home to hundreds of bars, restaurants, boutiques and night clubs. I was even able to watch some street performance and the place was really crowded by I think most students. Hongdae is also the home of Hongik University who is a well known school of Fine Arts and Design in Korea.
Every Saturday from 1pm to 6pm, there is a Hongik University Flea Market and works by amateur artists are sold here. Too bad, I wasn't able to witness that as it was said to be closed during winter.
I was able to finally try an authentic samgyeopsal! We just had 1 bottle of soju and beer (we mixed it together, as what she said that's another way on how they drink soju and beer. Lol) since she has to catch the last bus going back to her hometown. She's actually 2 hours away from Seoul, but agreed to meet me which I really appreciate since she's also busy studying for their coming final exam. (Thanks, Sydney! If you're reading this, let's eat and drink again next time :p)

How to get there: 

  • From Hongik University Station (Line 2) tale exit 9
  • Walk 500m straight towards Hongik University and you'll pass by every bar, restaurant and boutiques around the area.

Be adventurous and venture out into the small side streets of these 2 universities.


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