(Quick) Birthday Trip; 24 hours in Hong Kong

Originally, I would like to visit Coron, Palawan for my birthday. However, I wasn't lucky enough to score a promo fare. Just last June right before my trip to Bangkok, I was able to get a promo fare to Hong Kong for only 2,099 RT. I immediately booked it since it was already a good deal. :-)
I only had limited time, so I did some research and made sure that I'll be able to experience the best of Hong Kong in just 24 hours. I know, a day is not enough to explore everything so I'll just share what I did with my 24 hours stay in Hong Kong.

  1. Stay at Chungking Mansion
  • I did read several negative reviews about Chungking Mansion, which made me more interested to check it out. It's located in Tsim Sha Tsui which is really a great place to stay since its almost near every attraction. Its the cheapest room I got since I actually booked the accommodation like 2 weeks before the actual trip since I've been unsure if I would really push thru with the trip. Got the room for 4,000PHP, it was just a small room, but has a private bathroom which is important. I didn't regret staying there since I got to see that all the negative reviews I read are not all true. I stay at New China Guest House, btw. If you're not that picky and you're on a budget, I suggest you try staying here since you'll only use the room for sleeping and taking a bath. :) (No, sorry. I don't have a photo of my room. I booked it thru Expedia.com, they provide discounts too, like Booking.com and Agoda.com, but I saw that its cheaper in Expedia.com that time. :D)
2. Eat like a local
  • Eating on stalls along the streets is a MUST so you'll experience the different flavors of Hong Kong. The food here can be a bit pricey, for you to get a decent meal, it somewhat costs 40 to 50 HKD. I make sure that I have enough budget for food on every trip since eating is always part of my itinerary. ;)

3. Visit Lantau Island - Tian Tian Big Buddha

  • 2 ways to get here; either via cable car or take the bus to Ngong Ping Village. Taking the cable car is a different as well as take the bus and its a cheaper option. Either way, it's a must to walk along Ngong Ping Village and climb the 200+ steps to see the Buddha and the picturesque view of the mountains at the top. You can also purchase your Cable Car Tickets via KLOOK. :)
4. Have lunch at Tai O Fishing Village, Check out the Stilt Houses and the Pink Dolphins
  • Since you're already in Ngong Ping Village, head to the Tai O ' Village for a different experience, its just 15 to 20 minute bus ride from Ngong Ping Village. As I've researched this is not usually visited so I got curious and put this on my itinerary instead of heading straight to The Peak. :p It was almost lunch time so it was really a perfect timing when I arrived. Bought the ticket for the Tai O Boat Excursion and it'll tour you around the Stilt Houses and if you're lucky you'll see the Pink Dolphins. Its a 20 minute boat ride around the "Fishing Village" but if you have extra time you can walk around the village instead. After the 20 minute boat ride, I walked around and looked for a place to eat. Most of the menu here is, of course, seafoods! Scallops and Oysters is a must try! Try it grilled, and with cheese. Super delicious!! Walked a bit to take photos of the Stilt Houses before heading back to Tsim Sha Tsui. :)
5. Visit the Ladies Market
  • Walk along the busy street of the Ladies Market and choose on what to buy from shoes, bags, electronics and clothes and don't forget to haggle! ;)
6. Watch the Symphony of Lights at Victoria Harbour
  • I've always enjoyed watching the city lights so this one is definitely on my list. The light show start at 8:00pm and last for 15 minutes every day. Make sure to be found a good spot so you can take great photos. Another option is to try the Star Ferry while watching the light show.
7. Walk along Kowloon to check out the Clock Tower and the Avenue of Stars
  • Its just a walking distance from Victoria Harbour, walked my way back to Tsim Sha Tsui and passed along the Clock Tower and Avenue of Stars.
8. Experience Temple Street Night Market
  • Had dinner here and decided to stroll around. It's like Divisoria's night market, you'll able to buy almost everything from clothes, shoes, accessories and its also a great place to buy pasalubongs. :)
It was a fun-filled and tiring day exploring Hong Kong. It was really a short time and I'll definitely go back for more.

  • Get an octopus card, it cost 39HKD from 711 and I tapped it up for 150HKD and it had been used all throughout my stay, I've used it on the bus, train and even buying from water 711 and even at the airport.
  • Get a SIM card, there may be a wifi on your hotel, but it'll be helpful if you have access to the internet for directions. I got mine from Klook.com since it was more cheaper rather than buying at the airport. (Check it out here and don't forget to put the referral code: J6KQV)

  • Have your money exchanged at Chungking Mansion, there are several money changer there you just have to choose who offers a higher rate. There's a money changer that buys PHP for 0.16 is located near Adidas Outlet across Chungking Mansion.
Disclaimer: This is my own itinerary and it may not work for you, its still up to you guys on how you would like to make your itinerary. But yes, 24 hours is not enough to explore the beauty of Hong Kong. ;)

More photos here: https://www.facebook.com/nixjasmin/media_set?set=a.1715072068505740.1073741888.100000088912578&type=3&uploaded=167


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