Unlimited Coffee + Serene View @ Martessam Mountain Resort

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After our mouth-watering late lunch from Lutong Pugon we decided to head to this mountain resort to try their unlimited coffee. Martessa is just 15 minutes away from Lutong Pugon and can easily be seen along the road.
You'll be asked to pay 20php for viewing the place for an hour. Just let the guard know that you'll be going to the restaurant and you'll be given a small piece of paper which you need to give back when you leave the place.
There's a lot of parking space in the area and there's several chairs and tables you can simply choose on where to stay. When we arrived the place, staffs are preparing for a family reunion that evening. The place can be rented for reunion, debut, birthday, the place can even be used for prenups. They also offer rooms that include breakfast and access to the swimming pool and all other facilities within the resort. They also offer horseback riding and fish feeding.
The resort has their restaurant that serves meal which are somewhat pricey but as we saw it being served to other visitors, its on big servings which is a good thing, they also have desserts and drinks. We just ordered their brewed coffee for 55php and that's already unlimited.
It was an afternoon well spent with my dear friends.  A quick escape from the city is always a good idea. 😃

How to get here:

Via private car: 
  • Its an hour drive from Cainta Rizal and you can easily use waze or google map. Martessam can easily be seen on the left side of the road if you're coming from Rizal. You'll easily see the big sign of Martessam on its entrance. 😃
Via public transportation:
  • As I’ve mentioned in my Lutong Pugon post, commuting to Tanay maybe that hard since you need to learn about where the jeepney stops, where they would pass by, etc. But with this one, you can simply ride the jeepney to Sampaloc, Tanay and tell the driver to drop you off at Martessam.
Address: KM58, Marikina-Infanta Hwy, Tanay, Rizal
Contact Number: (02) 6971170