Daytrip to Ayutthaya

As for my 2nd day in Thailand, I decided to do a Day Tour to Ayutthaya. :-)

Right after breakfast, I took a cab to Hua Lamphong Station. I had a hard time talking to the driver as he cannot speak nor understand English that well, so we had to use Google Translate. I even let him hold my phone and use Waze as I pin the location.
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As I've entered the train station, there's already a lot of people waiting. I went straight to the ticket booth, good thing the line isn't long that time and I was able to get the next train (9:25am) to Ayutthaya.
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I find their train station cool as it's clean and organize. Even the restrooms are all clean. There's even a canteen inside wherein you can dine in.
The passengers for the 9:25am trip was called to enter 10 minutes before the boarding time since we have to look for the platform number of the train. I was amazed as the station was really big, but as you can see, all trains are non-air conditioned and looks old.
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The train left at exactly 9:25, it'll be a 2 hour travel time to Ayutthaya including all stops. There are vendors coming in the train during the train stops, I was able to buy a Thai milk tea during the 3rd stop.
While enjoying my Thai tea, I was also enjoying the view. I was awake all throughout the trip and I even had a chance to talk to a (local) granny who sat beside me. She's not good with English, but understand a little bit. I used my Google Translate App so ask her if how many stops left before I reach Ayutthaya. She simply answered by showing the number on her fingers and asked me where am from. She was too patient in trying to answer everything I type in the Google Translate.
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Since it was already 11:30am when I reached Ayutthaya, I decided to grab something to eat first before starting my Wat Temple Tour. I went straight to Chao Phra Market. Again, the market offers a variety of stuff to buy. From clothes, shoes, food and a lot more. I walked until the back of the market and was able to find a noodle place. I can't understand what its called but its only for 20baht. Lol
I also saw a lady selling this just across the street. 2 scoops for 20baht, blueberry and candy ice cream!! :p
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Right after eating, I walk my way to Chao Rhrom Market Pier. It'll be a 3 minutes boat ride to cross the other side of the river and so you can start with your Wat Temple Tour.
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I had to cross the river because I was already on the other side of Ayutthaya since I went to the market for lunch, but if you'll go straight to your Wat Temple Tour you can just cross the road from Ayutthaya Train Station and you'll see several signs for Tour Guides with Tuk Tuk, Rent a Motorcyle or Rent a Bike.
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In my case, I rented a motorbike and it's already good for 24 hours. You'll be able to rent it with full tank gas and return it with the same amount of gas. You'll be asked to leave your passport and sign a paper once you rent a bike/motorbike. They'll let you borrow a helmet too.
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It was already 2:00pm and I decided to rest for a bit at Wat Phra Si Sanphet before returning the motorbike and buying the ticket back to Bangkok. It was so hot that time, good thing I have 2L of water in my backpack. As much as I would like to check out other Wat Temples, I had to catch the 3:00pm train back.
Saw this elephant on my way back. As much as I would like to try and ride an elephant, I just can't. I feel sad for them as I've watched videos on how they're being trained :(
Decided to grab something to eat while I was waiting for the train to Bangkok. Bought this Thai Tea Popsicle for 25baht and its to die for! I so love it!!! (Hope, I can find one here in the Philippines!)
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Here's the train to Bangkok!! Was able to get the 3:35 trip and good thing, I was still able to find a seat. Whew! The trip back to Bangkok was much faster than the earlier trip. We didn't stop too long at train stops and was able to reach Bangkok by 5:10.
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  • I suggest that you rent a bike or motorbike rather not renting a tuk tuk, its a lot cheaper and Ayutthaya is easy to navigate with the help of the map you'll be given and of course, you can use Google Map like what I did. Tuk tuk rental would be suggested for big groups as the fee will be divided to the number of heads. :-)
  • Decided to on which would you really want to visit. Others stay overnight in Ayutthaya but if like me, you only have limited time, a day trip here can be enough. Just make sure to leave Bangkok early and leave Ayutthaya by 3:00pm to avoid the rush hour.
  • Since it was already past lunch time, it was seriously hot and yup, another reason for you guys to come early. I CAN'T TAKE THE HEAT during that time and I was only able to visit 2 temples and just passed by the others.