Tough Guys Shooting Range

Resident evil has always been my favorite PS game since I was a kid. Especially Resident Evil: Code Veronica (because that's my 2nd name lol) but here's a secret I just play whenever I'll be able to use a cheat wherein I'll have unlimited bullets and be able to use my favorite gun to use; which happens to be a gatling gun. Lol I always thought that using a gun was really easy and it seriously looks cool to have one.

One of my blockmate from TUA, went to Tough Guys Cubao and told us about it.  So I told myself that I'll go and try it and I even invited some friends (which again didn't showed up because they have plans for that day. Lol) I'm excited and a bit nervous because of course it's my first time.


When we arrived the place, the room is full so we waited for a bit. We we're told about the rates they have and they asked us what gun we would like to use and how many bullets.


I was thinking of using a shotgun but we ended up with 45cal instead plus 2 rounds and 2 target papers each.

Here's the rates: 

200php - entrance fee

300php - gun rental

8php - target paper

9php/each - 9mm bullets

10php/each - 45cal bullets

26php/each - shot gun shell


We then entered the room and we're assisted by Leo. At first he taught us how to hold the gun properly, the right position to do to make sure that'll hit the target. He even let us practice with the gun first before putting the bullets.

I used to play with guns before, the usual "pellet guns".  Haha. But man, a real gun was seriously heavy and I felt really nervous when I was holding it like I just wanna back out but when I did my first shot.. I can no longer explain what I felt.


Not bad for a first timer since I was able to hit the target 4x and my other shots is just around the target. Not bad, not bad. Lol

Just some shotgun shells used by the previous customers

It was really worth the experience. Another check has been added on my bucket list. :-)

For those whose interested, they have 2 branches:

*Cubao branch: 19, Liberty Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City, 1109 Metro Manila / 421-6238

*Cainta branch: 87 Felix Ave, Karangalan Village, Pasig, 1900 Metro Manila / 899-5696


It's worth a try guys!