Magalawa Island

As expected it'll be hard to find a place to go during Holy Week.

Our original plan is to go to Bicol, one of friend lives there but her parents couldn't accomodate us on the said dates because they need to do something important so we decided to go to Burot Beach insead but as I've contacted someone from Burot he said that a lot of people had already contacted him for the said date so obviously there'll be a lot of people on those dates which I don't like because we'll not be able to enjoy the place.

I thought about Anawangin Zambales, I contacted Nanay Virgie (Her husband owns a boat and they can give you a good deal.) she offered me a good deal that already includes our tent, boat, entrance fee and water plus free use of cooking equipments and utensils. And we're all set. ;-)

On the said date, Mar 26: We left Manila at around 8am and we arrived at Pundaquit Zambales by 12:00noon. We did a stop over at San Antonio to buy some food and other stuff that we need. It was her husband who we we're able to speak to when we reached the place. The sad thing is, the waves are not good that time and they're not allowing the boats to go to the mid sea because it's too dangerous and we have no assurance that if we waited for a bit we can be transferred to Anawangin Island.

We stopped for a bit to think of where else to go.... Last minute. :-( all resorts in Pundaquit are full, no one wants to accomodate us.

I contacted Potipot Gateway Resort to check if they can accomodate us since we're only after the "camping adventure". No need for rooms or anything. Just a place for us to build our tents and a place to chill. But no, they're fully booked and they don't accept tent pitching.

We stopped and think of where to go now since it's already past lunch, thanks to google, it always comes handy. Lol, we then saw a contact number of a resort on Magalawa Island, we tried to call the number if they can still accommodate us and yes they did! So it was another 3 hours drive to the Port where we need to ride a boat to the island and leave our car behind (FYI. They have a pay parking. Nothing to worry about.)

After a roller coaster, bumpy ride to the port we finally arrived and we were accommodated by Nancy Mary, they own the resort. We waited for a bit for the boat to return. The boat can accommodate up to 30 pax but still depending on the size of the boat. So there's 7 of us plus additional 3 pax that joined us. It was a 15 minute boat ride going to the island.If I'm not mistaken, we arrived there by 4pm and we started to set up our tents and started to cook for dinner. We ended our first day with a few bottles and decided to just sleep it off since we are all tired from the long drive.


It was seriously cold that night, we even thought that it would rain but it was said that it's the normal weather there at night. Good thing we bought blankets and we even slept in our pajamas. Lol But what good is that even though we slept in a tent, there's no mosquitoes.


We woke up early the next day and again prepared our breakfast. Btw, utensil and cooking materials can be borrowed from the resort's owner and it all comes with different prices. After breakfast we then prepared since we planned to swim and walk around the island.


Minimalist camping experience at its best. Cutlery and cooking set was provided by our kind hosts. Showers and toilets are also available but very basic with a water pump outside to wash dishes and for a quick freshening up. The beach is very chill and private with lots of starfish. Some parts of the beach were off limits though since it was privately owned by the neighboring resort, so they may ask you to pay for the entrance which we did.

It was a short fun trip with my loves. :)