Palaisdaan Restaurant, Tayabas Quezon

We're supposed to stay until late afternoon at Pansacola Resort in Cagbalete Island but unfortunately the boat that will bring us back to the port is already booked all afternoon and the only available time for it to pick us up is by 1:00pm; so we then decided to pack our stuff and leave and just find a place to eat lunch.

We passed by this Palaisdaan Restaurant. It's quite big compared to the previous "floating restaurants" I've been to.

We we're able to park easily since there's already people leaving. Well, lunch time is already done since it's already 3:00pm that time.

This is what welcomed us:

Not really sure what it's called but it's sweet potato covered in sugar. Somewhat like kamote que. It cost 6php per piece, we just bought 3 and  yup, I don't like it. Lol aside from this, they're also selling other stuff "pampasalubong".

We went inside to look for a good spot.... And while waiting for our order. I took advantage of it to roam around the place.

That one up there is the owner's house
And here's what we've ordered:

There's also a group of musicians who will automatically go to your table and sing a song for you. We took advantage of that since it's my grandma's birthday that exact day, you just have to give them any amount.

There's nothing special with the food but it's still worth a try since the place is great. :-)