Ang ganda nire; Cagbalete, 2016

We're supposed to go to Potipot, Zambales but since it had been a busy week and we're not able to arrange our reservations we had no choice but to look for a different place to go to since Potipot Gateway Hotel is already fully booked.

I got off work at 9am, went home  did some research on where to go. Since it's already late, we looked for a place that's like 3 hours drive from Rizal so our time will not be wasted. I contacted Dona Choleng to check if they can still accommodate us but unfortunately they're already fully booked. I called Pansacola Resort and good thing there's still an available room for us and we got it for 3,500/night and its already good for 8 pax but I think it can be more than 8 since it's really spacious.

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We left Rizal by 1:00pm since it will only be a 3 hour drive if we took the route in Tanay Rizal but instead we ended up going to SLEX which wasted an hour on our trip. We arrived Mauban Port by 6:00pm, good thing they still entertained us and took us to Pansacola Resort. It's another 45 minutes to 1 hour boat ride from Mauban Port to Cagbalete Island. The same boat that brought you to Cagbalete Island will be the same boat to pick you up going back to Mauban Port. You just need to inform them what time you would like to be picked up.

Nothing is left for us to do since it already dark, we just ate dinner and went to sleep so we'll wake up early the next day.

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We woke up at around 5:00am, we walked around and waited for the sun to show up while our breakfast is being cooked. Another thing that's good about the island is that the dogs and cats are all friendly and you can really play with them, I guess they're really used with people.

After breakfast, the boat is already waiting for us to bring us to Mangrove Island. It's one of the islands that you can visit since it's within the area and it only took us 30 minutes to reach the said island. We we're able to rent the boat for 1000. It's really beautiful with it's white sand and its really not populated which is a good thing. We stayed on the Island for an hour, took some pictures, walked around the Island and just enjoyed the beautiful view tjen it rained so we waited for the rain to stop before we went snorkeling.

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When we went back to the resort it was again low tide, but it was seriously hot since it's already 11:30am that time, we walked on the other side of the Island before heading back to our room to get ready for the boat that will take us back to Mauban Port will pick us up by 1:00pm.


Who wouldn't fall in love with this view? It's just so perfect! Cagbalete is now my new favorite. <3


3500 - Non-Aircon accomodation w/ private restroom good for 8 pax
3000 - Boat Rental from Mauban Port to Pansacola Resort (roundtrip)
1000- Boat rental for Island Hopping
100 each - Snorkeling gears rental
* We have our own mini rice cooker and gas stove so we were able to cook our own food. But you can definitely borrow some cooking material there and it comes with different amounts. There's also a sari sari store on the Island wherein you can buy canned goods, drinks etc.
* The island's electricity is only working from 6am - 6pm since its working using a generator.
* If you'll bring a car, there will be a parking area allotted for Pensacola Resort guests since you have to leave the car from the Port and I would say that it's a safe parking.. ;)

Pansacola Beach Resort
FB Page:
Contact Number: 0917-546-59o1
Boat Rental from Mauban Port: 0948-272-3761

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