Spelunking @ Malangaan Cave & Spring, San Rafael Bulacan

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Malangaan Cave & Spring, a hidden gem located in San Rafael, Bulacan. Just an hour or 2 drive away from Manila.

We read about different route going to Malangaan and since most of us is just a ride away from SM Fairview so we tried that route. To be honest we got lost,  it took us 4 hours to reach Malangaan Cave.

PS: The most easiest route would be from Cubao. Get to Baliwag Terminal Station, ride a bus bound to Baliwag or Cabanatuan fare cost was 75php then get off at Baliwag that was actually 1-2 hours travel time. From Baliwag Town Proper, take a tricycle for 10php and tell them to drop you off at the jeepney terminal bound to Pulo, San Rafael; fare here cost 27php. Once you reached Pulo, San Rafael you'll see the signage "Sapang Pahalang / TUKOD". From here you can rent a tricycle to take you to Malangaan Cave this one costs 100php/head two-way, they'll be the same tricycle to bring you back to Pulo, San Rafael you just need to let them know what time you would like them to return.

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There are couple of sari-sari stores on the area, there are restrooms that you can use. Once you arrive, you'll be asked if you want a tour guide. All tour guides are kids and there are no fixed price for them you'll be the one to decide how much you would want to give them. Don't worry, they know the place too well and they definitely did a great job guiding us all throughout the spelunking activity.

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It was very challenging thinking on how to fit inside small holes but I find it fun. This was my second spelunking right after Sagada's Cave Connection and definitely not the last.

This was actually short and you'll be able to finish it for an hour or even less depending on your pace.

There were many vandalisms and trash all over due to undisciplined visitors but it didn't quite affect the scenic beauty of the place.

Malangaan Cave was definitely a must visit. Truly, a marvelous cave undiscovered by many.