Camaya Coast, Bataan

We've been hearing & reading about this Camaya Coast so we decided to go and check out the place.

4 hrs drive from Manila, we went there for a day tour. Just to check the place and go for a swim.

Going to the main entrance was like a maze. There's a lot of units being built inside and soon enough people can renting/buying their own space.

When you're inside Camaya Coast, you'll feel like you're inside a private subdivision and about to swim on the clubhouse pool not until you see the beach area. Too bad the weather is not that good so the waves are really strong.

We spent most of our time in the pool. And yes my sisters and cousin of course loved it.

This was also a place for team building, the place is big enough for games to be played. You can also go biking, you can use the kayak, you can rent a room if you would want to stay but since we're just for day tour, we only paid 700php and it already includes lunch meal. :-)

7/10 for this place. Maybe soon enough when everything is finished the place is going to be more beautiful and if the weather is good probably you'll enjoy the beach as well. :-)