Ozen's Japanes Food

[caption width="300" id="attachment_319" align="aligncenter"]** Credits to the owner of the photo. ** Credits to the owner of the photo.[/caption]We read about this small Japanese food stop in Malabon that serves Takoyaki. We just read about it online then one afternoon, we craved for Takoyaki and decided to try it.

[caption width="300" id="attachment_320" align="aligncenter"]11225276_1055613041118316_4615289509407482160_n Beryani Rice & their famous Takoyaki w/c is a 6 for me.[/caption]
[caption width="225" id="attachment_321" align="aligncenter"]11811439_1055613054451648_788229056682695173_n Kani Salad. O ordered this, but she said it tastes good.[/caption]11891037_1055612937784993_2384811154403101131_n

P.S; The food can still be improved.