Pinto Art Museum

After how many months of planning to go here finally it did happen.

We went to visit the place, because I am really curious since I read a lot of good feedbacks about the place and seeing the pictures they're posting it made me wanting to really visit the place.

We arrived at the place around 12 noon. We paid 360php for the entrance since it was 180/head for adults, 100php for students and free for childrens.

Since its already lunchtime we went directly to their cafe and decided to eat first. I really didn't paid attention to the menu so I don't even know what the food we ordered cost but we had pizza & dynamite. I'm not paying attention since I am so astonished with the place.

We had this and I forgot to take a picture of the dynamite. The food is great thou its a bit pricey.
We started to roam around the area without following the map that was given. We just go wherever we see that there's something to see on that area. Lol

I'm really not into art since I don't even appreciate it before since I find it so boring but when I went to this place and saw the paintings and all other man-made structures my perceptions changed.

 Santorini feels. (Even if I haven't been there YET but seeing the pictures is enough for me to say that. Lol)

We had a short break since we are tired from walking and we seriously need to drink. We stopped at one of the cafes inside the place, I believe they have 4 or 3 cafes inside. Same menu just different location.

We had Raspberry shake, Green mango shake and Truffle Cake and its d' bomb!!!

We're able to finish for exactly 2 hours.  If you're looking for a place that is different than the usual or something new. Try this place but be prepared since its really hot in here so make sure to wear comfortable clothes. ;)

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