Barkin' Blends, Katipunan

Saw this cafe online and got really excited to visit the place because of the dogs. We all know that I really love dogs.

We've been planning to visit the place but we really haven't got the chance to do so then just this afternoon, O agreed that we go and try it. We didn't had a hard time looking for the place since we're familiar with Katipunan (we used to drink at Drew's which is already close now. Lol and its just on the same building.) we arrived about 5:30pm and ordered a drink worth 190php, you can choose with either milktea, fruit tea, frappe or coffee, you may be asked to add additional payments for other drinks, I forgot to take a picture of the menu because I'm too excited to go to the next room where the dogs are. You will be asked to sign a login sheet and to read the rules ans regulations of the place, then you'll be given a ticket and that will be your pass and you also need to put your things on a locker and to remove your shoes and wear a slippers that they'll provide. We're good until 7:35 I believe?

 There's like 30+ dogs and they have shifting schedules as well, for them o eat and to rest.
There's a lot of dogs and a lot of people inside, since the place got renovated it can accommodate up to 50 people inside.

Some of the dogs are already sleeping probably because they're already tired. Others are inside having their meal while others are all hyped up and we're actually able to play with them. So we did the usual, took pictures, played with them. They're all super cute and I would like to take them all home.

I can't describe the happiness I felt while playing with all these dogs of different breeds. I'll surely go back to this cafe and will also try the food next time. ;)