Bolinao Pangasinan, 2015

My family decided that we go on a trip since its a long weekend.

DAY 1:

We left Manila at 5:00am and it was a 5 hrs drive to Bolinao, Pangasinan. We had our reservations at Treasures of Bolinao but still we check other resorts, we went to Villa Carolina (I stayed there last May 2014 with friends), sadly they don't have rooms available. Well they have but its a non-airconditioned room. We also checked Puerto Del Sol and its like 6,500/night. So we went straight to Treasures of Bolinao, we got our room for 11,000/night, it was like 2 rooms combined as one.  It was 2 king sized beds plus 3 additional beds as add-ons.

After checking in, since it almost past lunch time we went out to eat. We saw a signage about a floating restaurant so we decided to check it and since it looks okay and the place is really nice we decided to eat there as well. It's like the floating restaurant you can see in Bohol the only difference is its not buffet style.  I just forgot how much the food cost but you can pay extra 1,000 if you would like to cruise around the river while eating/drinking.

PS: The river is called Balingasay river and was said to be one of the cleanest river in the country.

After eating we went back to our hotel, the "oldies" decided to take a nap while me together with the kids went out to go swimming.

The resort has 2 pools:

This one is my favorite:  We we're able to walk along the beach since its low tide.

I can even feel the seaweeds on my feet since you'll be walking on them.

Sunset watching; since it was said that you can watch a perfect sunset here in Bolinaos' Patar Beach. Btw, Patar Beach is just beside the hotel just a few walks away. :)


DAY 2:


Woke up at around 7:00am for breakfast. Breakfast is included with the package. You just need to choose if Filipino Breakfast (Bangusilog & Longsilog) or American Breakfast (Bread/Pancakes), we choose the Filipino Breakfast. After breakfast, we went to Patar Beach for a walk. There's a lot of people in there probably because there's no entrance fee. We looked for a spot with less people good thing we did.

We went back to our hotel afterwards and we need to fix our things since 12pm is the check-out time.

After checking out we again look for a place to eat lunch, I suggested that we eat on this restaurant which I've tried the last time I went there. The food is good but the waiting time was really really long probably because they have a lot of customers and once you order that's the time that they'll start to cook the food. We waited for like an hour? Lol seriously.

Goodthing the food is a 9/10. :D
We arrived home around 11:00pm since we had a stopover in Dumaguete for dinner. It was indeed a fun weekend.

How's your long weekend? ;)