Puerto Princesa Palawan City Tour & Underground River

How lucky am I to be able to visit Palawan without paying for anything?

DAY 1: December 19, 2014

Our flight was 10:00am. We left our house by 7:00am since we're expecting traffic along the way, which is normal. Lol we arrive at Terminal 3 by 8:30am. Was able to check in on time and was able to eat breakfast while waiting. Going to Puerto Princesa was an hour and 20mins. Our flight got delayed we left Manila probably by 10:30am and arrived Puerto Princesa at exactly 11:40am.





There's a shuttle waiting for us to take us to our hotel. It was actually just a 5 minutes drive. Our hotel was named Big Brother Hotel. The rooms are cheap but it was indeed clean and it also have a small pool. We got our room for 1500/night but since we requested for breakfast there was an additional 300php which was really a good deal. :)

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We rested for like 10 to 15 minutes while waiting for our shuttle come for our City Tour.

We then started our City Tour...

  • Crocodile Farm


There was actually 2 schedules for the tour around the Crocodile Farm. We got the 2:00pm schedule. Then the guided tour started explaining what were the skeletons were and what is the Crocodile Farm doing there. Then we started walking to where the hatchlings were. We also went up to a bridge walkway where we could see from atop different crocodiles.

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At the end of the bridge was the end of the guided tour. We could now go have a picture with a baby crocodile for 175 Pesos. Which we did.


You'll also be given the chance to visit the other side of the farm wherein you'll be able to see other animals which we didn't do. We just head straight to ur next destination.

  • Mitra's Ranch


Owned by the family of the late House Speaker Ramon "Monching" V. Mitra Jr. is another popular and most frequented tourist spot in the city of Puerto Princesa.

You'll be asked to pay for the entrance fee if you would ike to explore the house itself. You can just simple enjoy the view which we did. There are a lot of benches and table scattered around the ranch where guests can just relax or have picnics if they want to.

Aside from enjoying the view, you can also rent a horse, try their zipline or their large trampoline.


  • Baker's Hill


It was just a few meters away from the ranch. And it has no entrance fee.

It's the home to one of PPS's must taste: Hopia! and not only that all the food they sell is actually addictive. We tried their seafood pizza and it was amazing!  If you come here, make sure to allocate a generous budget for food because the place just makes you want to eat, and eat, and eat! There's a lot of different food stalls that you'll see inside. Apart from their food and restaurant, their landscaped gardens and playground makes it perfect for a family hang out. There's even dogs around which you can play with and they're all friendly.

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  • Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral

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It is located along Rizal Avenue in Barangay Liwanag. This cathedral is very historic. This used to be a small church during the Spanish occupation. The mass is said in English or tagalog. On its side is another tourist spot that is open to public, a prison camp during wartime.


  • Puerto Princesa City's Baywalk


It was also like our Baywalk here in Manila the only difference is the water here is cleaner and has no smell so you'll probably strolling around. It is lovely here at night to walk around and have a relaxing meal outdoors since there's a lot of food stall around the area where you'll be able to eat fresh seafoods. You can even rent a bike for an hour stroll around the place.

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We tried their Crocodile Sisig. It seriously tastes good but the thought that I am eating a crocodile which I just earlier when we visited the crocodile farm makes me feel uncomfortable but I ate it anyway. Lol

We strolled around after dinner and took photos of the Puerto Princesa's Christmas Tree.

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The driver we rented for the City Tour already left us so we ended up riding a tricycle back to our hotel and it's just for 10php/per head.


We went for a swim before we all went to bed.

DAY 2: DECEMBER 20, 2014

Wake up call at around 5:00am, breakfast was served while were waiting for the van to arrive.

It was a 2 hours drive to Sabang Beach. Just a friendly suggestion, you really need to be there early so you'll be first in line for the boat ride to Sabang Beach for the Underground River adventure. When we arrived we're already the 10th on the line we waited for a couple of minutes for our turn..

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It was like a 10-15 minutes boat ride going to Sabang Beach.



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When we reached Sabang Beachour tour guide paid for the Environmental Fee and gave us some instructions since we will be doing a 5 minutes walk going to the next boat that will take us inside the Underground River. We were advised to make sure to keep our gadgets, since there's a lot of monkeys around and they can be playful. They might get our gadgets once they see it thinking that it was food. Good thing nothing like that happened.


Again we waited for our turn. There are only few boats so you really need to wait for your turn. As I've said you need to be early. It was a 40 minutes ride going inside and out of the Underground River.

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Our tour guide discussed the history of the Underground river, showed us different rock formations inside. You're lucky if the tour guide that'll be aside to your group really has a good sense of humor, he'll definitely keep you entertained since it's kind of boring since you're just sitting and looking around.

Once you reached to a certain part which you'll be advised by your tour guide. You may need to go back, as they said you need to have a different permit in order for you to explore the whole Underground River and you need to use a different lamp, the one that can can be good up until 4 to 5 hours.

Right after the tour we went back and had our buffet lunch. It was part of the Underground River Tour for 1500php/head and it includes the tour itself, van rental, boat rides, environmental fee, permits and buffet lunch.

There was nothing special with the lunch buffet. But I got the chance to try one of their famous exotic dish here in Palawan which is called "Tamilok". It's actually a wood worm and it tastes like Oysters when dipped in vinegar.


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We waited for the other to finish eating before we head back to our hotel.

On our way back we did a quick stop over to take photos of where the Amazing Race PH was held before. Or atleast one of the spots. Haha. Idk?

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When we reached our hotel we decided to go out again and just strolled around the city. We passed by NicNoks' labeled as "Binabalik balikan na Halo halo" and so we decided to try it. It's okay but Razons' would still be my favorite. Lol we then we went to Nuat Thai for a full body massage!!! Aaaaah and it was soooooo relaxing!!

After our  massage we went to one of the souvenir shop in the city to buy our pasalubongs since we're going to El Nido the next day and probably as what had been advised it'll be more cheaper to buy our pasalubongs in Puerto Princesa than in El Nido so we did.

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I was able to buy shirts for everyone, even bought myself cheap fresh water pearl earrings and bracelets.


We went straight to eat dinner at Bona's, it was famous for their Chao Long, we tried Beef Stew Chao Long; A Vietnamese Noodles. And it was good for a price of 65php.

We head home and packed our stuff since we'll be leaving early tomorrow for El Nido.


* El Nido trip: https://ieatandiwander.wordpress.com/2014/12/26/exploring-more-of-palawan-el-nido-firefly-watching-in-pp/