Charaptor BBQ @ Kamagong St.

Been eye-ing this Unlimited Grill Buffet I've read on the internet so we've decided to try it today eventhough that it was raining very hard since there's a typhoon.

We arrived at the place and we we're asked to fall in line and wait for our turn since there's still no vacant table. We waited like for 5mins and I assure you its worth the wait.

Here's all the available food that you can grill:




It also comes with unlimited juice and rice. It's only 390php for dinner then 290 for lunch. They only have a specific time that it's open I'm just not sure with the exact time & days. Better check their website. ;)

The food was nothing special It's just hotdogs/isaw/beef etc. but probably it's because of the sauce and the experience that you'll be the one to grill your own food and.. probably also because of what the package is included and it's on a very cheap price.