Hi! I'm Patricia Veronica Jasmin aka Nix Jasmin ♥ - A 25 years old foodie 🍽️, solo traveler 👧🏻 and a pawparent 🐕  


  • I started blogging since high school, but I just posted nonsense stuff about my life (crushes, etc. lol) I can’t even remember my web page since I started using blogspot before and I decided to share this page just for fun.

  • I'm working as a full time Senior Recruiter at an RPO company and part time as a Virtual Assistant. I have also tried working part time as a Social Media Manager and an English Tutor. ☺

  • All photos are mine unless stated otherwise.  📷

  • If you'll notice, I don't really post selfies as I prefer taking photos of the actual place. 🤳

  • I create my own itinerary by researching whenever I'll be traveling and I always make sure that I'll only stick on a certain budget. ✈️

  • As much as I would like to leave my work and just travel the world; I can't. So I do it one at a time. Slowly but surely. 💚

  • ULTIMATE GOAL IN LIFE: To travel the world and experience different cultures 🤗